It’s A Whole New Way To See

“A Caterpie may change into a Butterfree, but the heart that beats inside remains the same.”

Brock, Pokémon Anime

 Snorunt! I Choose You!

Greetings, this shall be the first entry documenting my progress on Pokémon Ice (working title), a Pokémon fan game I am making.

As I said on the project page, the idea came to me quite some time ago (not that I’m the only one who’s longed for a more mature Pokémon game) when I was in university. I (like all manchildren) have always loved Bounty Hunters (at least in fiction, in real life *shivers*), badass loners with a penchant for violence and a love for the job, the kind of people who were always the coolest without even saying much (Boba Fett only has 4 lines in the original trilogy! 5 if you count the scream in Jedi).

Ever since Pokémon became a thing in my life in 1999 I’ve been a huge fan, you get a lot of Genwunners on the internet hating on the new games but for me, Pokémon has always been brilliant. You guys wanna complain there was an ice-cream Pokémon? In Gen 1 there was two Pokémon that are just balls with eyes! And even they’re just colour swaps of each other really (and I still love them).

Ok, so down to the meat, I also stated on the project page that in my game you have a Snorunt that you can’t get rid of at any point in the game (much to my partner’s distress). For those of you who don’t know, Snorunt is this little guy or gal.

Just look at it!

I mean, how can you not love it? It’s a cute little Pokémon and despite being an Ice Type, still looks like it’s snuggled under that coat for warmth. When Snorunt was first introduced in Gen 3 (Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald) I thought it was cool as fuck (for reasons that make sense to no-one but me. Also, accidental pun!) especially when it evolved into…

If White Walkers were spherical

Introducing Glalie, Snorunt’s evolved form (and only one in Gen 3), that looks like an Icelandic football used in the most Heavy Metal sport the world has ever seen.

It’s stats aren’t that impressive, 80 across the board (480 in total), but I still think that Glalie is one my favourite Pokémon from any Generation. Then Gen 4 came out, and this happened…

Ice to meet you (sorrynotsorry)

This is Froslass, Snorunt’s other evolution. You get Froslass by exposing a Female Snorunt to a Dawn Stone and she was introduced in Gen 4 (Diamond, Pearl & Platinum) and just like Glalie her stats total out at 480. Where they differ is that Froslass is slightly less defensive (70 in Def & Sp. Def) but her speed is 110! To put that in perspective Bulbapedia lists the average speed of fully evolved Pokémon at 78, so she packs just as much punch as Glalie up there but is so much quicker to that punch. And as one final bonus, she gains the Ghost Type, gaining an immunity to both Normal and Fighting (one of Ice’s weakness’) Types.

So yeh, if you still don’t understand why I chose Snorunt then that’s ok. You won’t find it on many people’s list of favourite Pokémon but he is most definitely on mine. So yeh, not much on the actual progress of Pokémon Ice but there you go, some behind the scenes for you, hope you enjoyed it!

Bonus Video

The full version of the song on the Pokémon Ice page, you are welcome!

Any Thoughts?

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