“All of time and space; everything that ever happened or ever will. Where do you want to start?”

The 11th Doctor, The Eleventh Hour


Is this how time normally passes? Really slowly…

Ah Matt Smith, you had such a hard job following David Tennant as the renegade Time Lord from Gallifrey but you succeeded with a flair that I don’t think any of us really expected.

Yes I’m back for another “Top 10” style list (seems it’s all I know to do so far) and it’s another one about Doctor Who. Matt Smith burst on to our screens in a crashing Tardis back in April 2010 (god I’m getting old) and stayed with us through Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary in November 2013 until finally leaving us that Christmas, cheers Moffat for killing our best friend at Christmas… again.

So yes, this Top 10 will cover Matt Smith’s first appearance in The Eleventh Hour (2010) to The Time of the Doctor (2013).

As always, my list may differ from yours, and that’s ok.

10. Basically… Run, The Eleventh Hour (2010)

Yes Matt Smith came crashing in and gave us this belter of a speech at the end of his very first episode. As I said in the last Top 10 about Doctor Who I do love it when The Doctor lays down the law but this one tops that because the enemy in question understands just how fucked they are and legs it.

It was a great way to introduce us to this new Doctor and kick off Moffat’s era with a bang.

9. I AM TALKING!, The Pandorica Opens (2010)

It’s the end of Matt Smiths first season as The Doctor and all his enemies are bearing down on him. He’s surrounded by Aliens from all corners of creation with advanced technology from across time and all he has is a handful of Romans and still they all run. Because once again, you do not mess with the Doctor.

8. Big… Big Colour, A Christmas Carol (2010)

Matt Smiths first Christmas special was brilliant, in fact it may be my favourite Christmas special to date. It was funny, tense and made you want to cry (I totally didn’t, honest), everything you would want from a christmas episode really.

This moment, with the line “I’ve only got two go’s then it’s your turn” etc made it a brilliant watch and still a favourite for me and my partner to watch together, especially at this time of year.

7. Meeting Kate Stewart for the First Time, The Power of Three (2012)

This one is kind of a twofer as I do love watching The Doctor lose his mind as time passes slowly for him for once in his life. But the main reason I love this is because we get to meet Kate Lethbridge-Stewart for the first time, now for those that don’t know Kate is the daughter of the Brigadier who, other than the Tardis, is truly The Doctors longest running companion.

This was just a nice little moment, and even though it’s not acknowledged till later in the episode, it was great to see the Brigadier’s legacy live on with “science running the military”.

5. Vincent in the Gallery, Vincent and The Doctor (2010)

The culmination of one of my favourite episodes of New Who, I reacted more to Vincent Van Gogh seeing his legacy than I did at my Nan’s funeral (but don’t tell my family).

A really emotional scene and to be fair to this episode this was one of the most balanced representations of Mental Health I’ve seen in a main stream show.

4. The Doctor says Goodbye to Idris, The Doctor’s Wife (2011)

Forgetting the fact that The Doctor did talk to the Tardis many years ago this episode escapes my OCDness and is still one of my favourite episodes. Although perhaps that is because it is written by the wonderful Neil Gaiman.

The end of the episode sees the Tardis dying in human form and returning to her home. We get some brilliant acting from both The Doctor and Idris and we get reminded that no matter how many companions The Doctor has had or will have, the Tardis is his one true companion. Or maybe he is hers?

3. Neil Armstrong’s Foot, The Impossible Astronaut (2011)

I’ll be honest with you, this scene never fails to give me the chills. I don’t know if it’s the tension as we slowly realise The Doctor has won (of course he has) or the manner in which he does it, something about using one of the most iconic bits of footage of the last century to defeat an occupying force of alien hostiles is simply amazing (at least to my tiny brain).

The buildup of music combined with Matt Smith’s acting in this scene easily places it in this Top 10 and probably easily into a Top 10 Moment of New Who also, to me it is just simply iconic Doctor Who.

2. I Have Lived a Long Life, The Rings of Akhaten (2013)

Ah this scene, almost perfect, almost brilliant and almost number 1. I love this scene and it’s contained speech, I really do, I think it is absolutely fantastic except for one thing… Clara fucking Oswald.

It is amazing to see The Doctor pour his hearts out to a monster that wants nothing more than to eat his “story”. To sum it up briefly, the monster in question feeds on stories/culture etc and The Doctor’s plan is to essentially overfeed it till it bursts. A brilliant solution to an unfathomable problem and a very emotional scene with brilliant music in the background.

If only it had stopped at that, instead it doesn’t work and Clara waltzes in and kills it with “possibility”. Forgive me but the words For Fucks Sake don’t seem strong enough but they are the best I’ve got. But alas, despite this scene still steals the penultimate slot on my list, but it could’ve been number 1.

1. Goodnight Raggedy Man, The Time of The Doctor (2013)

It’s important to have tears at Christmas I think, too much happy and all that food need an outlet somewhere.

Yes on Christmas Day we said goodbye to our best friend (again) and he got a fairly brilliant send off. I was already filling up but when he saw Amy Pond for one last time I had one of those moments where emotion turns to sound all at once and it’s never good, but I wasn’t the only one so I didn’t feel like such a bellend.

Of course we also got introduced to the current (at time of writing) Doctor Peter Capaldi, at least officially this time, with more than just eyebrows (more on him in a future post).

But to me, the reason this is number 1 is because (as a Doctor Who fan) I was given the greatest Christmas present of all, The Doctor made us all Time Lords because he’s right, we all change, we all are different people at different points in our lives but it’s important to remember who you were because it makes you who you are. And don’t worry Matt, I’ll never forget when The Doctor was you either.

… In the right order

So there we go, another Top 10 dedicated to the Renegade Time Lord that I am far to attached to be considered “normal” but oh hum. Matt Smith’s run as The Doctor will always be a fond memory in my head, he was funny, serious and charismatic in a different way to David Tennant and I’m sure he’ll be a fan favourite for many years to come.

Bonus Video

In all the mad build up to the 50th Anniversary special, I must have watched this video over 100 times.

Any Thoughts?

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