A Long Time Ago In My Friend’s Living Room

“Stay on target”

Gold Five, Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope


Episode I – The Start Of Something Great

For well over a year now me and a group of friends have been play Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars pen & paper roleplaying game. The game consists of three Core Rulebooks ‘The Edge of the Empire’, ‘Age of Rebellion’ and ‘Force and Destiny’. Each of the rulebooks focus on a different aspect of the Star Wars galaxy ‘EoE’ focuses on living on the fringes, outrunning the Empire etc, ‘AoR’ focuses on taking the fight to the Empire, primarily by helping out the Rebel Alliance, ‘FaD’ focuses more on the Force and trying to be a Jedi in hiding under the rule of the Empire.

If you hadn’t already guessed, this game takes place in the Imperial Era of Star Wars (think original trilogy) with the Empire at the height of its power but with the Rebellion rising also. In fact the beginner game we started with makes a distinct point of saying it takes place just after the first Death Star is destroyed (something I wish I had changed in retrospect).

I may have a problem

Now this game doesn’t come cheap even with me not buying the official adventure books. Currently I own the three Core Rulebooks (listed above), four beginner games (one for each rulebook and a fourth special one for The Force Awakens) that all came with a set of the special dice you needed, two extra sets of dice (6 gives you the best rounded number I feel) and twelve additional Rulebooks that flesh out the available careers (classes) in the game, with another coming out shortly to finish the six careers in ‘EoE’.

Yep, definitely have a problem

So yeh, not exactly a cheap game to get into but please don’t let that put you off. If you interested in a Star Wars P&P RPG then I can whole heartedly recommend this one, we have been playing for over 18 months and (hopefully) we aren’t going to stop anytime soon.

Episode II – Gathering Resources

In our game, I am the GM (or Game Master) and it is my job to take my players through their adventures and supply materials for them to use throughout the game. A job that I have half succeeded at, I have done an ok job at seeing them through their adventures (at least I hope) but the material side I fell flat on. Not through lack of trying mind you.

Now first I have to explain that one of my players is a very talented person in general, talented enough that they kind of took over the whole ‘material’ aspect of the GM’s job.

Now I’m not bitter about this in the least because the stuff this player has come up with are superb quality and I could never have done anything that comes even remotely close his level of craftsmanship.

(Files removed until further notice)

  1. Character Sheet – Colour coded, with space for Obligation, Duty & Morality (the three systems introduced in each core book), a space for Force Rating (sadly missing from the official character sheets) and is generally just amazing.
  2. Equipment Sheet – Slightly outdated now due to a later sheet but contains spaces for armour, three weapons and a handy section for tracking cybernetic enhancements.
  3. Inventory Sheet – Handy inventory sheet for tracking owned items, generally we use this for stuff in backpack (backpack section), utility items (belt section) and stuff on the ship (big section at the bottom) and as a bonus a personal finances section that keeps track of money owed and incoming.
  4. Companion Sheet – Watered down version of the Character Sheet, used for NPC companion characters we pick up on our adventures.
  5. Session Sheets – Unbelievably useful sheets for playing this game. Has a section for tracking conflict, tick boxes in the shape of Force Dice for tracking committed Force Dice, two big sections for tracking health and strain damage, a small section for tracking any boosts and setbacks you need to roll on your next check and a section of 9 tick boxes for once per session use abilities.
  6. Armour Cards – One of the sheets that made the Equipment Sheet a bit less useful, handy little cards for when the PCs own multiple sets of armour.
  7. Weapon Cards – Same as the Armour Cards but for weapons.

So yeh, since I can barely draw a stick man without making his spine curvy I think it’s safe to say that I could never have done anything to this standard.

There are also plenty of great custom sheets, adventures, amazing podcasts and even some custom software to be found on the official forums and the SWRPG Reddit.

Episode III – Learning The Ways Of The GM

So, we had the books, we had the resources and we had the location (my friends living room, now you get that title 😉 ) all we needed now was to begin and all I had to do was GM. Something I had no experience of, when I was a teenager I played a bit of D&D3.5 under two different DMs, one was horrible and punished us at every turn and the other was more jovial and just wanted to make it fun for us. Needless to say, I wanted to be more like the latter.

Now the reason me being GM came about is two-fold a: I bought the damn thing and b: out of all in the group, I probably knew more about Star Wars than the others. The problem was (and I apologise because I’m about to get personal… Eww) and still is that as I have explained on this site before (it’s in the sub header up there) is that I am mentally ill. GMing alongside severe social anxiety doesn’t sound like a good recipe and it has on occasion made me cut a story short, skip entire sections or abandon plot points all together all because I lost faith in my abilities and my nerves got the better of me.

Luckily, the three people I started out with (now 4) are all people I have spent a lot of time with over the last 7 or so years and that eases my tension a bit as they all know the situation I am in and if they have noticed my nerves, they have been nice enough not to point it out.

As someone who grew up with the old expanded universe (now refered to as Legends) I am not afraid to pull something out of one of my old favourite books, games etc. My players have heard of the Centax Clone facilities on the moon of Coruscant that make a good percentage of the Stormtroopers the Empire uses. They have visited the home planet of the Dread Masters, Oricon, lifted out of The Old Republic games. Even their latest companion (a Mandalorian) claims to be a direct descendant of Shae Vizla, also of Old Republic fame. And I have plenty of more surprises on the way (but I cannot talk about them here as at least one of my players, my partner, will probably read this).

I’m not gonna say “I think I’m a great GM” because that is simply not true, but my players have had some great laughs, tense moments and hopefully some interesting adventures in the Star Wars universe and I think that is important to any table-top RPG.

Episode IV – Meet The Players

In our game we started out with three people with a fourth joining us later and a fifth joining us occasionally for one shots. I will give their backstories in this section and discuss them more in the next section.

Captain Kem Tobo

Kem Tobo was born in 36 BBY on the Nautolan homeworld, Glee Anselm, to parents Jee and Enna Tobo, famous musicians among their people. Of the hundreds of spawn they produced, only three younglings—Kem, Kal and Kona—survived past infancy causing the pair to become over-protective parents. When Kem displayed force-sensitivity at an early age,Enna feared he would be taken from her, so she and Jee took measures to prevent the Jedi from discovering him and discouraged Kem from developing his powers.

In 19 BBY, at the onset of the Clone Wars, 17-year-old Kem and Kal enlisted in the Nautolan Navy, with the aims to escape the grasp of their parents and protect their homeworld from the growing separatist threat. They served under Commander Rin Mako up until the Navy’s defeat in the Battle of Glee Anslem during which Kem and Kal aided the defense of the Sapphire Wolf when it was boarded by separatist forces. Kal was killed in the skirmish and Kem was wounded but rescued by a Zabrak padawan named Daomar whose master had also died in the battle. The two fled the battle in a small spacecraft and Kem has never returned to his homeworld since.

Shortly after, Daomar recognised Kem’s force-sensitivity and taught him to control his power a little. The two comforted one another’s grief and became lovers. They avoided returning to the war effort by planet-hopping for a year until an encounter with a Republic forces in the outer rim. With little other recourse, they re-enlisted and were dispatched to Mygeeto under Master Ki-Adi-Mundi. There, Daomar was killed as a result of Order 66. Kem killed the entire squad that had committed the assassination and fled the battle and the planet.

In the wake of the Clone Wars, Kem spent a number of years working through PTSD before falling into a career as a smuggler using his military skills and limited force senses to shuttle contraband around the outer and mid rim. Across the years, he reluctantly performed many jobs for the Hutts and helped to supply the Rebellion on occasion. He also shipped stolen medications and other supplies to needy outer rim planets when he was able.

In 8 BBY, after many years of working under unsavory captains, Kem seized the opportunity to own his ship and strike out on his own. This, unfortunately came with strings that tied him to service under Triloc the Hutt with little hope of ever paying off his debt to her.

After many years of smuggling for the Hutts and being tricked into servitude by the worst among them, Kem began conning them to make a greater profit and protest against their methods. He used his underground contacts to organise pirate attacks to reclaim valuable cargo loads after delivering them to their buyers, mirroring the tricks they had used against him.

Although he was careful, his most recent con went south when his accomplice and co-pilot of two years, a Rodian pirate named Sunal Parr, sold him out. His ship was taken from him and he became a prisoner of Teemo the Hutt.


Tan’eeta’seuro, known by her core name Neeta, was born on Csilla in 15 BBY to mother Mitth’eno’tan and father Sev’oln’seuro, the only child of both parents, and named as a daughter of House Seuro, her father’s house. Like most Chiss children, Neeta had a distant but ostensibly benevolent relationship with her parents, the hands-on matter of raising children being shouldered as a profession by lesser ranking members of the house.

From a young age, Neeta got on better with her father than her mother. Her father, a diplomat and intelligence agent in the employ of House Chaf, one of the currently nine Ruling Families, was softly spoken and academically inclined. Her mother, on the other hand, a proud woman and natural leader, was an Admiral of the Chiss Expansionary Defence Force, commanding her own starship and others.

Mitth’eno’tan made no secret of her desire for her daughter to follow in her footsteps. But despite attending the military academy on Csilla, an elite military command training school, Neeta had no natural talent for warfare and hated violence. Instead, in training, she found she was most proficient at avoiding battle altogether. Even so, she was popular with her peers.

When Neeta was nine, only a year from adolescence, Sev’oln’seuro disappeared on what was apparently a routine diplomatic mission to meet with Grand Moff Tarkin at Eriadu, along with the ship on which he travelled and its crew. The official position was that it was down to pirates operating along the route.

Neeta found a new resolve following her father’s death, and quickly rose to the top of her class with her subtlety and intelligence. After graduation at 13 years old, Neeta immediately took up a position in the staff of a junior diplomat of House Chaf. She was promoted rapidly, and in 1 BBY had just been offered a posting under the Governor of Chiss world Sarvchi when she made an awful discovery.

While using her position within the Ascendancy’s government to hunt for information regarding her father’s disappearance, Neeta came across a more recent, encrypted communication between her mother, Mitth’eno’tan, and a lieutenant. It discussed plans to abscond with a small fleet of Chiss warships to join the newly formed Rebel Alliance against the Empire.

Such a bold move on her mother’s part appalled Neeta. If allowed to occur, it would endanger the Chiss’ position of neutrality in the galactic hostilities, and violate the fundamental Chiss law against pre-emptive aggression. Such a mutiny against the Chiss senate led by her mother would also destroy Neeta’s budding political career.

Knowing she had little time, Neeta did something uncharacteristically rash. She bought dendriton toxin from a contact of a friend of a friend, and went to visit her mother. She told Mitth’eno’tan she had learned of her plans and wanted to join her. Her mother noticed her anxiety, but her desire to believe Neeta finally wanted a part of her life overcame her doubts. When her back was turned, Neeta slipped a dose of the toxin into her mother’s drink.

However, inexperienced at poisoning as she was, Neeta hadn’t given her enough. Theno had only drunk half her glass before the toxin began to kick in. Neeta stayed with her through her death throes, until her mother was still. But then, just when she seemed to have stopped breathing, Theno revived.

With Theno’s pistol in her hand, Neeta fled her mother’s quarters in a panic. She stole Theno’s personal transport from the hangar and headed for space. She was clever enough to know that going back would be her death sentence. So she aimed the ship for Bakura, one of the first significant worlds outside of Chiss space, and didn’t look back.

On Bakura, a provincial ex-mining world on the brink of civil war, she sold her mother’s ship for a more broken-down, less conspicuous vessel, and moved on. She planet-hopped as far as Bespin, where in exchange for repairs to her ship, Neeta sold the Baron Administrator of Cloud City, Lando Calrissian, some minor intelligence about the Unknown Regions and Chiss politics. Having proven herself useful, she remained on Cloud City for some weeks until she learned that Calrissian had been communicating with a nearby Chiss diplomatic vessel. Neeta stole some credits from Calrissian and fled with her ship.

From Bespin she moved corewards as far as Corellia, where she scraped a living working in a Hutt-run bar and brokering intelligence for both the Imperial authorities and the rebel underground and, as the months wore on, deals with pirates and smugglers for Groola the Hutt. When inevitably things went awry with her double-dealing between the Empire and the rebels, Groola agreed to smuggle Neeta off-world for a debt she would have to work off. Groola sent Neeta out to Tatooine, where she worked for a number of months as a deal broker for Teemo the Hutt. Even on remote Tatooine, Neeta has heard rumours from spacers of a mad Chiss in a black ship, hunting down other Chiss in the Outer Rim, and is beginning to feel very afraid.

Janunga Saal

As a youngling, Janunga lived in Detiris, a small forest town on the Togruta homeworld Shili, with her mother and father. She was a naturally curious and precocious youth, with a great fondness for tinkering, likely influenced by her father’s profession as a metalworker, and a temper too hot for the generally peaceful race. Such individuality and deviation from Togruti norm were frowned upon by Togruti society at large, though her parents’ eccentricities were tolerated in favour of their contributions to society; her father as a worker of fine metals and her mother as a tutor of languages in Detiris’s small school. Janunga was not looked upon so favourably and, despite her mother’s presence, was often ridiculed by other Togruti younglings at school.

Janunga often took refuge with her father in his underground workshop, hollowed out from the roots of one of the great trees. Under his tutelage she learned rudimentary metalwork and mechanical skills, and in time developed a great connection with metal, not unlike her species’ hereditary love for the earth.

Janunga was torn from her small pocket of peace at the age of eight, when two bounty hunters of the Benelex Bounty Hunter’s Guild came on world in search of anti-Imperialist rebels that were rumoured to be hiding out in one of the smaller towns on Shili, such as Detiris. In order to flush out the rebels, they angered a solitary akul, great furred beasts native to Shili, and drove it to Detiris in the hopes of catching their mark as the people fled in fear, however they had underestimated the akul’s speed and destructive capabilities, and only a sparse handful of residents escaped before the beast levelled the town and almost decimated the population, Janunga’s parents included. Having wedged herself beneath one of the larger roots in her father’s workshop, Janunga was protected from the ceiling as it fell, unlike her father who had been in the workshop with her and hadn’t fallen silent until several hours after the initial collapse. Janunga, however, could not avoid the ring mandrel as it was shaken loose from its perch and imbedded itself in her right thigh, deep enough to bruise bone.

Because there were so few able-bodied left to dredge the remains of Detiris for survivors, Janunga was not found for almost a week, by which point she was starving, severely dehydrated and infection had set in on the wound on her leg. The healers had to remove the infected flesh, leaving her with diminished strength and a slight limp.

She was sent to live with her aunt, her father’s older sister and stickler for Togruti tradition; she had held her brother in poor regard and treated Janunga much the same way. Janunga’s aunt was a skilled hunter in the town of Ganewa and was a particularly devout believer of the “if they can’t keep up, let them fend for themselves” Togruti doctrine, and Janunga’s inability to contribute to the hunt with her weakened leg made her something of a pariah.

Eventually, at the age of ten, she was pushed out of the clan altogether and left to fend for herself entirely. She decided to head for the capital Corvala, a hub city with plenty of opportunities, where she could apprentice herself to a mechanic and, ultimately, leave Shili altogether as, though she loved her homeworld, she knew there was neither affection nor success for her should she stay. Genewa, like Detiris, however was a long way from her destination and Janunga was forced to make the journey on foot. She stuck to forested areas as much as possible, both to avoid the harsh suns and to increase her chances of coming across settlements. Though she could occasionally catch smaller, brush-bound creatures for sustenance, she survived mostly on wild roots and berries, becoming an omnivore by necessity. Though her body adapted to the diet, it was not enough to truly nourish her.

Janunga spent the best part of a year on foot, without a map and only the occasional settlement to point her in the right direction, but made it to Corvala sometime into her eleventh year. The first few months in the capital Janunga spent on the streets, as people were hard-pressed to believe she was anything but a common pickpocket, starved and young as she was. She got by stealing food from vendors and absent-minded tourists for a time, until she was caught pilfering from a droid merchant. He took pity on her, offering her a job repairing damaged droids once she’d proven herself capable. She spent just over three months there among the droids, fashioning herself her own small companion, GG23, from the unsalvageable remains, before the merchant passed her on to a friend of his, a small time mechanic.

From there she jumped around the Capital, apprenticing with mechanics and computer technicians, learning how to fix and modify everything from a sand buggy to a space cruiser. She may have intended to stay longer, to make a name for herself in Corvala before venturing into space as an on-board technician, however when she was seventeen and searching out a client in one of the seedier bars she overheard a bounty hunter’s drunk rendition of the attempted capture of an anti-Imperialist rebel nine years ago, and how it had gone awry and ended up squashing a Togruti town. Janunga had torn the blaster from the woman’s belt and pulled the names from the unfortunate drunk; one was already dead, the losing party in a particularly brutal bar fight, however the other, Anikk Choqul, was on world right now looking for a mechanic.

Janunga sought Choqul out, offering her services as a technician, and the bounty hunter eagerly accepted. She remained on world just long enough to know the ship had exited Shili’s atmosphere, then slunk off to collect what possessions she owned and joined the crew of a rebel ship she’d been keeping tabs on for the past week; she hadn’t been concerned with their cause, only that they were leaving a bare half hour after Choqul. Janunga was off world when the bounty hunters initiated hyperdrive, only for the engine to explode, ripping the hull apart and killing the crew. She eventually learned of the bounty on her head; her drunk informant had put two and two together, and correctly identified Janunga as the cause of what had initially been assumed a blameless breakdown.

Janunga spent the next seven years as mechanic for a number of different ships; she never stayed with the same ship for more than year, to make it more difficult for bounty hunters to track her whereabouts. Along the way she developed her skill as a technician, as well as a number of less savoury, but no less useful, skills.

At the age of twenty three, four months into her role as technician on the smuggling freighter Black Sun, Janunga learned from the first mate D’kharr, who’d had numerous dealings with the infamous Teemo the Hutt, from whose compound the Sun was headed to collect its newest shipment, that there never was an anti-Imperialist rebel, suspect or otherwise, on Shili fifteen years before, and that the two bounty hunters had been pointed in the direction of her homeland by Teemo himself, to take the heat off of his operations. Janunga knew from the information she’d gathered that the Hutt had a new and important client, and would soon be leaving world to finalise the deal. She left the Black Sun and company as soon as they landed on world, and infiltrated Teemo’s hangar the same way she infiltrated the bounty hunter craft seven years ago; as a mechanic looking to service a ship, although not Teemo’s. She knew from her intel, however, which ship was his, and climbed aboard, modifying the engine the same way she had seven years ago. However she was spotted, Janunga’s sabotage was discovered, and the alarm was sounded. With Teemo out for her blood, she fled.

Ayley Harpe

Born blind among Mirialans, to whom by their primitive understanding of the force the power of sight was of great importance as well as the ability to contribute to society, Ayley grew up pitied by all those in his life, though his peers sympathy did not prevent them from viewing him as a liability. He became desperate to overcome his limits and driven to succeed became a qualified doctor and surgeon using specially personalised medical droids to compensate for his inability to see.

Despite his medical competence, Ayley struggled to find work among his own people who mistrusted his lack of vision. He spent many years struggling to stay afloat, gaining a reputation for discretion tending to the wounds of offworlders who did not want to explain their injuries to the authorities, and barely surviving on this meagre income.

One of the men Ayley treated during this time offered him a deal; cybernetic eye implants in exchange for becoming his personal physician. Ayley spent some time considering this deal before accepting. The contract stipulated that Ayley would be an indentured slave indefinately. His freedom would come only when the holder of his contract, a human named Roman Voronin, either nulled the contract willingly or until Ayley provided whatever Roman deemed ‘worthy compensation’ for services rendered.

Roman implied that ‘worthy compensation’ would be use of his medical skills, but Roman turned out to have a sadistic streak and after the contract had been signed insisted that Ayley, a pacifist at heart, would need to provide him with a functioning pair of organic eyes to pay him back for the cybernetic ones.

During his lifetime his parents, both successful professionals in their own right, attempted to care for Ayley in a manner he found overbearing. They wanted him to live at home with them, where they would have treated him like an invalid. They made numerous attempts to give him money during the period that he had been struggling (culturally an incredibly offensive gesture suggesting that not only was he incapable but was in fact a drain on society) which he resented greatly. When they discovered the terms of his contract with Roman they each offered to relinquish one of their own eyes, a seeming act of selflessness that to Ayley was typical of their lack of faith in him. He left his homeworld instead, choosing to cut ties with his old life and find Roman’s demanded payment elsewhere.

Also along for the ride are a few companions that the group have picked up:

Needles – A Clone veteran of the Clone Wars that the group rescued from a Trandoshan Bounty Hunter. Needles is a sharpshooter and medic who has taken it on himself to look after his “cousin” Sierra after he was talked out of killing him.

Sierra – Another Clone but much younger, rescued from Kamino after Needles revealed to the group that there was a recall signal for any surviving Clones he wanted to investigate. Sierra serves as the ship’s cook.

R4 – A cowardly astromech droid the group picked up some time ago.

L0U – A protocol droid commissioned to be built on Bespin by Neeta, L0U (called Lou by the group) serves as the groups databank.

Crea – A blue Akk Dog bonded to Neeta that they rescued from a Bounty Hunters ship.

Kyserra Jett – A female Mandalorian, Kyserra (or Kai/K) is the latest addition to the group. A very eccentric and proud Mandalorian (who claims to be a direct descendant of the legendary hunter Shae Vizla), Kyserra is a powerhouse with a few tricks up her sleeve.

Namah – Not really a companion but a regular feature in the players’ stories Namah is a Cathar Jedi Padawan that survived Order 66.

Episode V – A Touch Of The Personal

Those backstories were written by my players (could you not tell?) and they were what I had to work with to come up with some personal stories, events etc around the galaxy. As you can see (if you bothered to read that lot… well done if you did) three of my players all ended up in trouble with Teemo the Hutt in some way or another and so our story began in the Edge of the Empire Beginner Game. They later met Ayley while doing a job for Triloc  the Hutt and these have been the four main characters in our story ever since.

Kem is most definitely the strong silent type, barely speaking and only recently opened up a tad (we all saw it) when the group met a Jedi Master in exile who could help them get stronger.

Neeta being the diplomat of the group is the talker, she tries to find a way to end things without violence (if possible) but is not afraid to fight if need be. Sometimes cold to her friends but always seems to want to do what is right.

Janunga is the groups unpredictable technician and has recently taken up making bombs “just in case” so that’s not at all worrying. Seemingly the most naive while also the most destructive of the group is a bizarre combination that always has the others (and me) wondering what she will do next.

Ayley is the groups physician who has recently branched out into scouting (with surprising success). Also a talker, but in a flirty way, Ayley has flirted his way into the hearts of friends and enemies alike and at one point three Wookies at once so… that’s a thing.

Now one of the mechanics in EoE is called “Obligation” and it is basically an addition to your characters backstory that can be rolled for to trigger events to focus on your character or can simply be used to say your past is plaguing you and for the next session/adventure you take a penalty.

I use this mechanic to try to write personal adventures for my players that (just like the trilogies of Star Wars) come in three parts. At the time of writing only two of my players custom stories have been triggered so they are all I can talk about just in case (they’re everywhere O.O), though I have written all three chapters for the four of them but they are subject to change in an ever changing galaxy.

Janunga’s obligation was triggered first, a message from a Togruta Bounty Hunter going by the name Firebrand revealed that Janunga’s aunt had been kidnapped and if Janunga didn’t come to the rescue well, it wouldn’t end nicely. Setting up a meeting on one of the asteroids in the belt of Shili’s system the odds didn’t look good, Firebrands ship was a cruiser that could crew 200 easily and they had 4. The inside of the ship had been modified and what they faced instead of 200 angry Bounty Hunters was three trials culminating in a fight with Firebrand herself where Firebrand lost an arm.

Neeta’s obligation was the second to be triggered, word of the location of the ship her father had served on had reached her. Upon traveling to the location just outside the Eriadu system, the group were pulled out of Hyperspace by a Gravity-Class Star Destroyer, they managed to talk their way past the Imperials and were allowed to dock with the (now almost destroyed) ship. Upon investigating the ship it was soon discovered to be overrun by a plague thought to be extinct for over 2000 years, the Rakghoul Plague. Discovering that the groups Nemesis (more on him in a bit) had been there and that he personally had infected Neeta’s father with enough of the plague to turn him into a Crimson Rakghoul (think the Queen from Aliens), the group fought their way through the ship to the labs where the group had to fight and ultimately kill Neeta’s father.

Episode VI – A Grand Entrance

It can’t be that often that a GM/DM gets to introduce a character by saying the phrase “ominous music fills the air” and have to explain that it literally does “in game” but I have had that privilege. You see, one of the things that ties the players obligation stories to each other, other than the party themselves is the groups Nemesis, a Kel Dor by the name of Xal Vo.

After dealing with Firebrand in Janunga’s story, the group were confronted by this combination of the Joker and Deadpool as he blasted ominous music from his nearby parked ship. He was somewhere between funny and terrifying, which is exactly what I wanted, and he had has own trial for the group.

After two out of three of the group failed he decided to help make them stronger by using a technique called “The Dark Transfer” he was able to reach into them and change them, make them better in his eyes. He then left the group unconscious on the asteroid, showing little indication of his true power.

He then turned up again after Neeta had killed her father, this time sending the group to Dathomir (home of the Nightsisters) where they were ambushed and subsequently knocked out by the Nightsisters. Once awake they discovered Crea (Neeta’s Dog) was missing and learned that the Nightsisters wished to sacrifice Crea, believing her to be an “Uru Cha” (a representative of the whole species) and that her death would release enough power/energy for their beloved “Mother” to return to them.

After being escorted to the sacrificial site, the ritual was interrupted by Xal Vo killing the “Aunt” who was performing the ritual. After being confronted by Neeta (who was angry at him for infecting her father) Xal Vo granted her a chance at combat and bound her companions in place with the Force. Neeta fought bravely but ultimately didn’t stand a chance and just as Xal Vo was about to deal the death-blow and chop Neeta’s head off the groups Jedi friend/acquaintance Namah arrived just in time to cut Xal Vo’s sword in half and push him off the edge of the sacrificial site, only to apparently vanish moments later. Laughing.

It has been so fun playing Xal Vo so far, his immense power barely being tapped in combat with the group and the group trying to figure out what they can do about him in the future has been very entertaining.

Episode VII – What For The Future?

There is still plenty to do in the future, the group have only just discovered a Jedi Mentor to help train them in the ways of the Force and they haven’t even joined the Rebel Alliance yet.

At the time of writing they are currently in the middle of a set of missions I have been planning since we started. Running a series of seemingly unrelated jobs for a Toydarian named Izarro and I have loads more story ideas planned for the future, including one that they started in the very first session (maybe without realising it) back in July 2015.

We still have Kem & Ayleys obligation stories to look forward to and the continuation of Janunga & Neetas also. It’s a big galaxy out there, there is plenty more yet to discover.

Rogue (Entry) One

So there we go, I would say a quick summary but I’d be lying, an overview of me and my players adventures in the Star Wars Galaxy with hopefully many more to come. I will try to write up some more about this as time goes on and if anyone (read: no-one) has any questions or general advice about this kind of thing find someone better to talk to about it. But if you can’t, I will happily help in any way I can.

Thank you for reading this colossal entry (at least for me) and I hope you all have had a good holiday season and a great new year. Speak soon, love to you all <3.

Bonus Video

Sometimes, we all need a bit of Gary the Stormtrooper to make us laugh.

Any Thoughts?

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