An Ancient Promise

“One day I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine.”

The First Doctor, The Dalek Invasion Of Earth

12 & 1

Looking Forwards

Hi all, trying something a little bit different today, I’m gonna share a fan theory (cos it’s not like there’s to many of them being thrown around the internet). This “Theory” is gonna be my thoughts on the upcoming Christmas Special of Doctor Who (2017) – Twice Upon A Time, I still say it should’ve been called “Twelfth Night” making Moffat’s run perfect (to me) – “The Eleventh Hour” to the “Twelfth Night”.

In the upcoming special, the 12th Doctor will meet the 1st Doctor and time is in trouble blah blah. I’m not saying what you are going to read below is guaranteed to happen and maybe this prediction/theory is more of a headcanon wish but we shall see.

So let’s go back a bit, in the latest series finale The Doctor begins to regenerate after fighting the Mondasan Cybermen and refuses to do so, the episode ends with him plunging his fists into some snow and The Doctor (the other one) comes round the corner and blows his mind (and mine).

Now let’s go back even further, in 1966 an episode aired called Tomb of the Cybermen in which The Doctor (the first one) is fighting the Mondasan Cybermen in 1985 Antarctica, his “ancient body” is failing him and he is not happy about it proclaiming that the whole thing was “ridiculous”. Upon waking up from exhaustion and overhearing his companion Ben say it was “all over” The Doctor gets angry and storms out alone into the snow claiming that this was “far from over”.

What happens next (to both of them) is… well this clip will explain it better than me.

If you can’t watch the clip then I will basically summarise, after punching the snow 12 hears someone walking through the snow and after calling who is there he discovers that it is 1! (It’s easier to refer to them by numbers when they get together 😛 ). Now it is not officially confirmed but I think it’s fairly safe to say that the snow that 12 is punching is indeed snow in Antarctica in 1985, just as 1 is going for a grumpy walk. It seems the Tardis took him where he “needed” to go again.

So here we have two Doctors, refusing to regenerate and they are about to go on an adventure together, oh what fun this will be. Now I have to say straight off the bat that I have no idea who the enemy is going to be in this episode, but I also get the feeling that it won’t matter, what The Doctors will be fighting in this episode is their own stubborn nature.

Now we need to jump into the real world where the 13th Doctor has been announced and it went something like this.

When me and my partner watched this for the first time (I’ve watched it a lot since) we were shouting for joy and we both had the most ridiculous big cheesy smiles on our faces. “AT LAST, A FEMALE DOCTOR, THEY FINALLY DID IT!” and other such cries filled the flat. Needless to say I was delighted with the change, others… not so much, but I won’t go into that here cos my sanity couldn’t take it.

Now as awesome as this revelation was it threw up a few questions in my head.

  • Why hasn’t this happened before?
  • If it was always possible then shouldn’t this be the 6th/7th female Doctor (assuming Time Lord Gender diversity is roughly 50/50 as on Earth)?
  • How will they explain this?
  • Cos seriously, they are going to have to.
  • How will they explain this?

I had a good think about these questions for a long time and came to the conclusion that they aren’t going to be able to explain it adequately but they will explain it, probably in some heart string pulling way (as is the way with Regeneration episodes). Then I had an epiphany.

(Please, please, please do not take the things posted below as the way I want things to go, I think it’s crap that they have to justify why The Doctor is suddenly gonna be a woman. The point of the things you will read below are how I think they will “justify” it to the audience at large.)

Looking Backwards

I think I found a way for them to explain the next regeneration, why there hasn’t been any “female” Doctors before and pull at your heart-strings all at the same time. And it is all thanks to this lady.

I’m Gonna Break Both Your Hearts

That is Susan Foreman, the first ever companion of The Doctor and his granddaughter, in the 1964 episode The Dalek Invasion of Earth she falls in love with a freedom fighter named David and The Doctor (believing he is holding Susan back as he is more reliant on her than she him) takes the bold step to lock her out of the Tardis so she can have a life with David. But he promises that one day, he will come back, let me grab some tissues and you can watch the clip.

Now here’s the thing, The Doctor never did go back, Susan did go on to meet future Doctors in Comics, Books and Audio Stories but 99% of the TV audience will have no idea about any of that so it can still be said that they aren’t necessarily “canon”.

Another decent rebuttal is that in The Five Doctors Susan and 1 did technically get reunited, but my response to that is two-fold.

  • That was a Children In Need Special and again may not necessarily be canon.
  • Even if it is Canon, Moffat has already set up that when The Doctors meet each other, time gets all messed up and the earlier incarnations don’t remember the incidents so maybe 1 forgot?

Anyway, I’m gonna proceed assuming I’m right (it’s how most fan theories go). So The Doctor left Susan in 22nd century London with David, promising to return but never actually did. A couple of years later (or a couple of thousand years later) 1 & 12 bump into each other and proceed to go on an adventure together, presumably saving the universe (and other things but I will get to that).

I believe that during the adventure (more likely to be towards the end) The Doctors will save Gallifrey (more on that below) or at least do their contributions seen in the 50th anniversary special. They will part both willing to acknowledge that they must indeed change, 1 will realise that all the people he will become save worlds and that change is important. 12 will realise that all the people he was were all brilliant and that indeed times must change and so must he. But before he does, one last thing might happen (be warned, bad fan fiction incoming).

The Doctor (12) having saved the universe and Gallifrey again returns to his Tardis and is ready to regenerate, the Tardis however has other plans and just like before (at the start of the episode) takes him somewhere he needs to go.

The Doctor and Susan are reunited, she recognises him instantly and refers to him as “grandfather”. The Doctor offers her the chance to come on adventures once more just like the old days (maybe David died from old age?). Susan however declines and offers to show him the adventure she has been on, she then introduces her grandfather to her (and his) family.

The Doctor, realising that after all these years, after promising to come back for Susan, she didn’t need him after all, she doesn’t need her grandfather anymore. 12 then proceeds to regenerate into 13.

I can’t apologise enough for that :P. Anyway…

The point I am trying to make is this. The Doctor could have always regenerated into a woman, but as we have learned in recent years he has some semblance of control over his regenerations. Remember “Who frowned me this face?”, The Doctor left himself a subtle message to remind himself of who he was, what if he’s been doing this the whole time, remembering that promise to Susan? He promised her grandfather would return one day, so he always made sure that he was still her “grandfather”.

Upon seeing that Susan no longer needs her grandfather, The Doctor will finally “allow” himself to regenerate into a woman. Think Matt Smith leaving Amy Pond at the end of The Big Bang, only instead of “You won’t need your imaginary friend anymore” it could be “You don’t need your silly old grandfather anymore.”

(Again I would just like to reiterate that this isn’t how I want things to go, I just believe that this is how they will justify the “no previous female Doctors” thing to the general audience.)

This scene could be so heartbreaking, The Doctor has been holding on to this promise for thousands of years only to realise that he got it wrong, Susan doesn’t need her grandfather and the universe doesn’t need a silly old grandfather figure going around and saving it.

All Susan, the universe and the viewing audience (especially me) ever needed and will ever need is The Doctor, just The Doctor and we will always have them. Maybe this will be their new promise? No matter what changes, no matter what the universe can throw at us, we will always have The Doctor.

Looking Sideways

I am now going to explain some other predictions for the upcoming special (this is gonna make absolutely no sense, Wibbly Wobbly I guess 😀 ). I’m gonna address something that I think must happen in the episode and that is that 1 & 12 will be shown helping to save Gallifrey (ala the 50th Anniversary Special).

I believe that during the last season finale, Missy (the female incarnation of The Master) handed The Doctor the dematerialisation circuit she showed to her younger John Simmier self, the scene where Missy and The Doctor part focused so much on their hands and she was just off to betray her younger self so why would she need it? I believe that in the upcoming special 12 will use this circuit to somehow “fix” 1’s Tardis.

As far as I can recall 1’s Tardis could not fly, it could go through Time and Space, but was never shown actually flying like future Tardis’ and this will enable 1 to help save Gallifrey. And yes, I know the dematerialisation circuit is not used for flying but this is Moffat’s writing we are talking about. Here is the scene in question, you can ignore the kindness speech if you like (the bit I’m referring to happens at around 3:30).

You see what I mean? It lingers on their hands for so so long. And yes it could be said that it’s just them clinging to each other, The Doctor wants nothing more than for Missy to stand with him and be “kind” but I think something is afoot.

Even if this part doesn’t happen, I still think it is a must that we are shown 1 helping to save Gallifrey. We never saw him go there.

On to something else from the 50th anniversary. Who remembers this?

12th Doctors Eyebrows
Determination Or Pure Rage? I’m Guessing Both

When all The Doctors flew in to save Gallifrey we got the great line “Dear God, all twelve of them, all my nightmares come at once” there is an explosion and someone shouts “No sir! all thirteen” and bam, Peter Capaldi made his debut in the show with just his eyebrows and everyone in the cinema I was in lost their shit, it was awesome. I believe this scene will also be replayed in the upcoming special for Moffat to finally get the pay off on what is now a four-year old clip. Notice how the background is blurry (so whatever Tardis he used worked with the scene) and we can’t even see how long his hair is for God’s sake (Just in case Peter fancied growing his hair out, which he did).

I believe that the Doctors will use the “frozen time” threat that is present in the upcoming special (somehow) to aid them in saving Gallifrey, or maybe just get an idea from it as using frozen time is how they save Gallifrey in the 50th anniversary special, just like Cup A Soup…ish.

And who knows, maybe some other stuff will stick with 1, he never had a sonic screwdriver but will (more than likely) see one in action soon. Maybe, just like Agatha Christie, something residual will stick with him?

Oh and Mark Gatiss is obviously the Brigadier, that’s just not a mystery.

Looking Outward

So to sum up my predictions for the upcoming special, I believe:

  • 1 & 12 will save Gallifrey
  • The “frozen time” threat may remind The Doctor about saving Gallifrey
  • We will see a repeat of the “Attack Eyebrows”
  • The Doctor will reunite with Susan
    • This will “allow” The Doctor to regenerate into a woman
  • 1 will get the idea for the Sonic Screwdriver from 12
  • The Brigadier is obviously the Brigadier… duh

And for one last “prediction”. When 12 does regenerate into 13, I would like the scene to go something like this (more bad fan fiction for you 🙂 ).

The Doctor regenerates, and who would’ve guessed it, they are now a woman. The Doctor looks panicked, she rushes around some Tardis panels and opens some boxes throwing items around like a mad woman.

She finds what she’s been looking for, a mirror! She holds it up.

“Oh My God! Oh My God!” she looks both panicked and excited and with a smile says.

“I’ve not been blonde for ages!”

Roll credits.

And on that silly note I think I’ll leave you to it. Thanks for reading my (mad) predictions for the upcoming Christmas episode of Doctor Who “Twice Upon A Time”. If you have any thoughts I’d love to hear them, do you have any ideas of what might happen? Or do you just want to shout at me for being an SJW Cuck Snowflake? The comment box is below if you feel like sharing.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys next time. LeighPouse.

Bonus Video

The trailer for the episode in question, since I forgot to put it in the actual post 😛 .

Any Thoughts?

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