“Happiness is not made by what we own. It is what we share”

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

rockband instruments

A Surprise Bonus Gig

So this is a quick bonus entry because of a surprising response to my post about Rock Band and Guitar Hero last week. So the post went up and was read by a couple of friends and they were very nice about it and it brought back some lovely memories as I re-read it myself. But then I got an unexpected message on twitter, which I can now share with you.

Rock Band DM
This made me so so happy

Yes, that is a message from the official Rock Band twitter account saying they liked my write-up. I am still lost for words at this, especially at their generous offer to give me some free songs. I’m not lying by the way, as I got this message we were in fact playing Rock Band 4 on the Xbox One. The universe is bizarre sometimes but absolutely lovely as well it seems.

So now I am absolutely flattered and ten songs up in my Rock Band library because I made a joke about how I’ve ruined my cock playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero… Yeh I was right, life is strange.

So in case you guys are reading this one as well, you guys are amazing and lovely. Your game is fantastic, I’m glad to still be a fan years later and I have made a playlist of said songs called “The LeighPouse DLC pack”.

Considering this was the first entry in my Extra Lives project you’ve set the bar ludicrously high. I doubt EA will be as nice if I write-up about their games in the future and thus they (and all others) are inferior to you and your generosity.

I’ll see you all next time. Til then take care of yourselves, LeighPouse.

Bonus Video

The trailer for Rock Band 4, obviously now the best game ever made by the best developers ❤ .


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