The Folly Of The Gods – Part 4

“We’re in charge of everything! You get it? We are the rules!”

Lord Champa, Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Title Screen

Ultra Instinct Super Saiyan 4, Kaio-ken x50, Majin Possessed Edition

First off can I say. If you get that title, you and me should be friends.

Last time on Dragon Ball Z, we covered the “Resurrection F” arc of Dragon Ball Super. We are exploring the relationship between Gods and Mortals in Dragon Ball Super. Along the way I get to gush over how much I love Dragon Ball, all under the guise of searching for deeper… I mean… Ah you know the score by now, let’s get going!

Universe 6


After the previous arc we begin the Universe 6 arc. We are introduced to the idea that there is a multiverse consisting of 12 universes and the one our heroes reside in is the 7th universe, which is twinned with the 6th. The arc begins with Goku and Vegeta training on Lord Beerus’ world (it seems he has really taken a shine to the Saiyans) when they are interrupted by someone arriving, someone who looks like a chubbier Beerus.

Kitty needs to go on a diet!

Enter Champa, Beerus’ twin brother and the God of Destruction for Universe 6. Every couple of centuries they meet to show off food from their universes as a sort of sibling rivalry. Champa has brought eggs from a beast in his universe but this time Beerus has a trump card, ramen noodles. Champa demands to know where Beerus got this food from and Beerus informs him of the Earth and its many delicacies. Champa asks his attendee Vados to check Universe 6 for the same planet to which she regrettably informs him it was destroyed sometime ago by the humans themselves (it is implied that it was war).

Champa then informs Beerus that he has been collecting the “Super Dragon Balls”, which are the same as Earths except there is no limit to what they can wish for. Champa then challenges Beerus to a Martial Arts tournament (this is Dragon Ball, how else was it gonna be resolved?) and to the victor will go the Super Dragon Balls. If Champa wins he will get the 7th ball and wish for Universe 7’s Earth to be transported to his own universe and if Beerus wins Champa will hand over the 6 balls he has already collected.

And so the Tournament of Destroyers begins, a 5v5 tournament with each team composed of the strongest and best fighters from universes 6 and 7. The tournament takes place on a nameless planet in the 7th universe, a lot of the fights are not noteworthy except for two. The first is Vegeta vs Cabba, a Saiyan from the 6th universe. It begins with Vegeta disappointed that Cabba cannot even transform into a mere Super Saiyan (a bar that our guys smashed through some years ago) and in response Vegeta threatens to destroy his home world in the 6th universe since he cannot stop him. Cabba, full of rage, transforms into a Super Saiyan and the fight continues (video below).

A quick summary is that Vegeta was toying with Cabba just to help him transform, he then teaches Cabba the meaning of “Saiyan Pride” after beating him with one punch.

The reason this fight is noteworthy is because it is a side of Vegeta we haven’t really seen before, a kind (in his own, violent way) mentor figure. The Saiyans of our universe were heartless murdering combatants who were wiped out some years ago and it seems Vegeta feels a connection to these other, more gentle Saiyans. Vegeta even ends this arc vowing to visit their planet someday, which is probably the sweetest thing Vegeta has ever done. The other noteworthy fight is the big finale(ish), Goku vs Hit.

Oh… His name is Hit and he’s an assassin, I get it now

In the previous fight, Hit had beaten seven bells out of Vegeta and the difference between the two Saiyans had become minimal at this point so it looked like Goku would meet the same fate. However, Dragon Ball Super has had a great tradition of “Fan Service” (something put into the show/film for long time fans) and it was time for an old Goku trick to return in glorious splendour, the Kaio-ken was about to make a return.

Until Goku reached the level of Super Saiyan, Kaio-ken was his trump card. It is a technique that multiplies the users power at will to varying degrees and it helped Goku defeat Vegeta the first time they crossed paths many years ago. Now the thing is, Goku could never use this technique at the various levels of regular Super Saiyan because of the way it bled energy and the results could be deadly (not even the movies touched this and they were crazy).

Super Saiyan Blue however is all about energy control and managing energy output to the point that virtually none is wasted, so something old and something blue were destined to make a perfect marriage. This is also possibly one of my favourite transformations/power-ups in anime history, I got so excited when I first so it. I can’t even remotely come close to explaining how much it makes me giddy watching it, even now.

Two things I love about that clip are one, I love that whoever can scream the loudest in anime always wins. And two, you know someone’s about to get their head smashed in when the theme song starts playing.

The fight continues and surprisingly ends in a draw(ish) with Goku voluntarily jumping from the ring to end the fight as Beerus and Champa have begun bickering like children again, with Champa going the extra mile and threatening to erase his team from existence merely for not getting his own way.

The tournament ends with Universe 7 keeping their version of Earth and the Super Dragon Balls going to Beerus. But before we are allowed to continue with the story we are introduced to one last character who was watching the tournament unseen.

The character who will annoy you for the rest of the show

This is Zeno, the Omni-King. This is the God who oversees all of the twelve remaining universes. Wait, remaining universes? You see it turns out that there used to be 18 universes but this little guy got annoyed one day and decided to erase 6 of them. In Dragon Ball, God is a spoiled little brat who can throw a universal temper tantrum.

Anyway, Zeno was so impressed by the spectacle of the fights that they have had an idea. They will throw a tournament that involves fighters from all remaining universes and although the terms aren’t laid out here I will spoil it for you, the universes that lose in this tournament will be erased from existence. Erased from existence… For not fighting hard enough… I think this summary will write itself this time round.


Is it not completely obvious why I think “the Gods are morons” here? Not only is the whole premise two bickering siblings pitting mortals against each other for entertainment and the chance to steal a planet presumably with a similar population to our one, all without any of the mortals real consent.

Beerus and Champa’s rivalry might be a typical sibling squabble but these aren’t ordinary siblings, they are Gods who are millions of years old and billions of mortals lives are at risk here. They show a complete disregard for the magnitude of responsibility their job entails and throw temper tantrums like small children would.

Champa threatens his team with erasure before Zeno appears and in a previous arc Beerus is shown to destroy whole worlds because they didn’t prepare good enough meals. Everything about these two screams childish incompetence and surely that is not difficult to see? And all this is before we even take a look at the big guy, Zeno.

Zeno is literally a child God who can erase whole universes on a whim, and has done in the past. He is constantly accompanied and entertained by babysitter like characters so he doesn’t throw a strop and wipe out all of existence.

In Dragon Ball there is usually a fighting element to characters, it is a fighting anime after all. Zeno however is not a force to overcome, he isn’t a barrier for Goku and the others to break through to new heights, he is purely and simply unstoppable. At the time of writing as far as we know Zeno is at the top of the pyramid, while it is never explicitly said that he created the universes it is also never explicitly said that he didn’t either so for now we have to assume he did.

I don’t know much about where Dragon Ball as a whole will go in the future but I really hope that there is a parent God out there somewhere who can come and stop this kid from breaking all his toys. While the mortals in this arc don’t do anything particularly heroic that outshines the Gods, I think just by standing still they outclass them this time round. Easy victory for us mortals.

Mortals: 2 – Gods: 1

See you all when Part 4 comes out next week when we will be tackling the “Goku Black” arc of Dragon Ball Super. Until then, take care of yourselves.


Bonus Video

With a new Dragon Ball came a new version of “Cha-la Head Cha-la”, the song every Dragon Ball fan can’t help but sing along to (even if we don’t know the words). And yes, I’ll be using this for every part of this. Bite me.

Any Thoughts?

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