Writing Is Hard (More Excuses)

“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”

Douglas Adams

Here We Go Again

So here I am once again making excuses for why I need to do less writing(ish). I still plan on trying to keep to my “once a week” thing for as long as I can and quite frankly I’m sort of proud of myself for lasting this long. Yay me!

The sad truth is however that I am currently in the midst of Therapy and other real life issues that are draining a lot of energy from me. It took me several hours to get out of bed today for which I hate myself. My mental health and physical energy are entwined in “we’re fucked” at the moment and it’s having an effect on my motivation to do anything, let alone write.

So the plan for a bit is to do some shorter posts (like this one!) to keep my momentum going and hopefully get back into the swing of things while I recover from life. I’m sure there will be some bigger posts mixed in with some shorter ones but after my Dragon Ball Super Analysis binge I don’t think I’ll be doing any massive adventures for a while.

So look forward to me filling out my Awesomeverse a bit, maybe doing some Top 5/10s, probably a few music adventures as well and maybe even some gaming stuff. I’ll try to keep you guys updated on my health progression also.

I’ve still got some big “projects” in the works but they won’t be done for a while 😉 .

So yeh, thanks for reading and wish me luck with my continued adventures! Peace.


Bonus Video

(Bonus videos aren’t going anywhere ❤ ) Enjoy the best Smash Bros trailer!

Any Thoughts?

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