The Late Night Trail – Part 6

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”


Looking For Distraction

Once again I find myself awake at stupid o’clock, somewhere between “you should be in bed o’clock” and “you really need to do something about this o’clock”. So let’s delve into some music to keep me occupied shall we?

I don’t have the mental capacity at the moment to do some “this is what’s happening in my life right now” bits so I’ll spare you unnecessary drama. Just know that insomnia is like a steroid taking tick, it borrows in deep and is a bastard to get rid of.

Let’s get to the copy and paste!

So let’s go over the rules for the new members of the church. When me and my friend used to hang out and listen to music we would often use YouTube, it was free and easy and new songs were just a click away. What we started doing though instead of searching for a new song/artist each time we would pick from the “recommended” section on the right hand side of the screen and this would repeat for hours. We called this system “The YouTube Trail” and here are the rules:

  • Pick a song on YouTube (preferably one you like)
  • Once it’s finished, pick another song from the recommended section on the right
  • Keep going till the trail runs dry or you get bored/sleepy (or until I hit 10, otherwise I’d be typing forever)
  • Make sure you are in Incognito Mode so your cookies/history doesn’t influence the Trail too much

So let’s get to it. Song number 1 is…

Song 1: Walk The Moon – Shut Up And Dance

Well the random song generator has left me in a strange situation. While I don’t mind this song, I know nothing about it 😛 . But it was the only one in the list I recognised so fuck it, let’s see how long I can follow this trail.

I only became aware of this song fairly recently since it featured on Rock Band 4 so yeh… Nice song, catchy tune. NEXT!

Song 2 (Not That One): OneRepublic – Counting Stars

It was only a matter of time before I got to Fall Out Boy on this trail was it? Pop-rock at its finest and incidentally my partners favourite band.

Song 4: Bastille – Pompeii

I think everyone knows this song now right? It was a summer hit and was then used for the football world cup. For a while there you couldn’t escape this song.

The reason I’m including it though? There was a period where every car journey me and my partner took, this song would inevitably be played and I would turn to my partner and say “hey, this is that French guy right? just to annoy them. I am a great partner.

Song 5: Colplay – Viva La Vida

Well this proves two things, God doesn’t exist and I know NOTHING about modern music. I didn’t recognise hardly any of the damn names in the recommended section… except Coldplay.

Now I’m not gonna pull a typical old person “this is horrendous” trick here so don’t worry. Because it’s not horrible, far from it, it’s just fucking boring. It’s a very middle of the road song and like my old man once said:

“If you stay in the middle of the road long enough, you’ll get run over”

My Dad, in the past

The only other thing I really know about this song is that it mixes really well with Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. So that’s the bonus video sorted.

Song 6: The Fray – How To Save A Life

Oh god. We’re stuck in the middle of the road now aren’t we?

I’m fairly familiar with this song as my sister wouldn’t stop playing it when it came out. I mean, everyone outside was playing it also but I didn’t live with them.

I think everyone’s (my age) main memory of this is that time it was featured on Scrubs. I didn’t cry, honest.

As an aside. This list is proving tricky because I haven’t heard of half the people recommended to me 😛 . AND I AM NOT PICKING JAMES BLUNT NO MATTER HOW OFTEN HE SHOWS UP!

Song 7: Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars

Sorry that I’ve put the same song two times in a row, cos that’s all this song is really. I got these two mixed up all the time when I was a teenager because they’re basically the same. In fact when I was remembering that one of these songs featured in Scrubs, I couldn’t remember which one it was.

Song 8: Train – Drops Of Jupiter

Ah thank god. It’s still the middle of the road but at least I know this one fairly well.

I really like the piano in this song and the way different instruments join in after one another. It’s a nice, easy listening song this one and probably one I could fall asleep to. It’s just relaxing.

Song 9: Green Day – Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

Another really relaxing song. This list might actually help me go to sleep tonight, which I can’t figure out is a good thing now that I’m typing this up 😛 .

Song 10: Oasis – Champagne Supernova

So there were two Oasis songs in the recommended section. The other one was Don’t Look Back In Anger and while I prefer that one, I don’t have the mental energy to go into why that song now means so much to so many people.

A good song to end the list with.

Is It Bed Time Yet?

This one was a bit of a bump ride not gonna lie. I really need to brush up on modern music it seems… but fuck that. I’ll go back to the 80s where hair was allowed to be 8 feet long or tall.

Sorry this one was a bit all over the place but I am mentally exhausted. Here is a Spotify playlist of this entry.

Just realised that I can’t count and skipped entry 3 all together… whoops.

Until next time, remember to take care of yourselves. Peace.


Bonus Video

The Mash-Up I mentioned earlier. Give it a listen, it’s pretty good.

Any Thoughts?

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