Watch Out John Bonham

“I think every band is a little cautious when the drummer starts to write tunes.”

Matt Cameron

It’s A Good Thing I Don’t Live Above Anyone

A while back I wrote a post about Rock Band 4, a music rhythm game for the Xbox One. I play the game pretty much every day and I love it so so much. And that’s not just because the developers were very nice to me I promise.

The one thing I haven’t had this time around however is the drums. Unfortunately with the jump to the Xbox One came some controller compatibility problems. Basically it meant that all previous instruments for the Xbox could no longer be used and that was a real disappointment. I used to love making a racket on those plastic bad boys.

However, a couple of weeks ago I was able to snag a set on a hardware exchange subreddit. This time though, I was lucky enough to grab a “pro” set that came with cymbals! A thing I have not been lucky enough to own up to now.

Rock Band 4 drums
Hell To The Yeh!

I have been playing these drums at every available opportunity. I’m even considering picking up some “soft touch” drumsticks that don’t make noise so I can play them while everyone in the house is asleep. I have really bad insomnia so I won’t get in anyone’s way (it’s currently 4:30am as I write this).

In fact this could help with that I reckon. Hopefully these will help me get rid of any excess energy I have and fingers crossed I can lose some weight at the same time. Only time will tell I guess. Either way, it’s gonna be fun 🙂 .

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all next time. Until then, remember to take care of yourselves. Peace.


Bonus Video

This is how good I will never be.

Any Thoughts?

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