Going Commando

“Shall I explain the game? I have to, I’m afraid, even though describing video games is a little like recounting dreams.”

Nick Paumgarten

Secret Command

The Very Beginning

So let’s take a look at another of my Extra Lives! This time we’re looking at Secret Command (or Secret Commando as the title screen confusingly says), an overhead shoot-em-up game released in 1987. I could’ve sworn this game was called Double Commando which explains why it was hard to find info on it but it turns out that’s kind of appropriate but we’ll get to that.

I owned this game for the brilliant Sega Master System way back in the early 90s and, other than Sonic The Hedgehog which came built in to the console, this is the first Video Game I ever owned.

Sega Master System 2
This sexy piece of plastic is still in my dad’s attic somewhere

There’s not a lot to talk about really when it comes to gameplay. It is your typical arcade style shoot-em-up viewed from above. You could play with a second player and that second player was my cousin Stephen who was mentioned in my Rock Band entry and you should get used to his presence (we played a LOT of video games together over the years).

Here’s a video of what the gameplay was like (you can skip pretty much anywhere in there and you’ll get the idea).

Games used to be so simple didn’t they(nostalgia wiggles)?

I used to love coming home from school and playing this with my cousin for hours on end. We never managed to finish the game though and one day I would love to go back and finish it with him. Fingers crossed I can find a way to make that happen at some point.

So on to something (almost) completely different. At the start of this I said it was appropriate that I got the name wrong and here’s why:

The game is actually an adaptation of Rambo: First Blood Part II and the reason it is called Secret Command(o) is because they couldn’t secure the license in Europe.

I never thought that typing/thinking about some of these old games would reveal little titbits like that but I love it. There’s always more to learn about gaming and I’m all in on that 🙂 .

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all next time. Until then, remember to take care of yourselves. Peace.


Bonus Video

A take the piss of the ridiculous body counts that happen in films like Rambo from Hot Shots! Part Deux

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