A Better Excuse! (I Hope)

“Someday I will be the most powerful Jedi ever.”

Anakin Skylwaker, Attack of the Clones

I’ve Been Busy (Honest)

So today is gonna be another one of my shorter posts, but it’s not for lack of trying this time I swear.

I have talked on this site before about how I play the Star Wars Tabletop Roleplaying Game from Fantasy Flight Games and I’ve been working on something to aid my players while we play.

In Dungeons & Dragons you have a Class and a Subclass and the only thing you really need to manage (sometimes) is a list of spells that you have. The classes get a few “features” along the way but there aren’t exactly loads to memorise.

The Star Wars RPG is a whole different beast, there are still Classes and Subclasses but the difference here is you can jump between them at will. So you can be a Bounty Hunter (Class) and have the Assassin skill tree (Subclass) and that looks like this.

Assassin Skill Tree

So that’s not to complicated, there 20 talent boxes you can buy to enhance your character in various ways. Each of those little boxes are called “Talents” by the way (important later).

But like I said you can jump between these Skill Trees at will, so once you’re happy with what you have from this tree you might like to jump to another Bounty Hunter one or jump to an entirely different class (like Soldier, Smuggler, Engineer and many others). Once you’ve done this once or twice you end up with a massive list of “talents” and it can be difficult to remember them all and remember which situations they all apply to.

So I took it upon myself to create little playing cards (standard deck size) for my players to be able to print out at their leisure so they’ve got a little hand/deck of cards they can refer to or split into piles for different situations. The idea being that once you’ve unlocked the Talent on your skill tree you would then add that card to your deck/hand.

A neat little idea that would save a lot of scribbling of notes I thought as the descriptions you see up there on the skill tree aren’t always the full description of what each talent does.

So I started to make the cards and here’s the design I came up with to try and match the art style in the books.

Death From Above
I even tried to make sure all appropriate symbols were included

So I started typing them all up but I forgot one crucial thing that I really shouldn’t of. There are a total of 18 Classes in this game, all with 6 Subclasses each and then there are a whole bunch of “Universal” skill trees that will benefit almost everyone in different ways…

Look the top and bottom is I had to make 620 of these damn things. All typed out, all while inserting the appropriate symbols and any extra information they needed (like the dice roll you can see in that example card).

Their all finished now and I’m trying to work out what best way to use them appropriately, and more importantly I’m trying to figure out which way to best share them with the community if they want them. I’m even trying to get them to work in Tabletop Simulator.

For virtual tomfoolery

Point is, the reason I’ve not written anything “proper” for a bit now is because I’ve been working on this. Hopefully I’ll have more to share soon. Make sure to check out the appropriate Subreddit and the official forum for progress on this project.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all next time. Until then, remember to take care of yourselves. Peace.


Bonus Video

The latest Star Wars star to talk over the internet. Seriously if anything happens to baby Yoda I’ll burn the whole god damn internet to the ground.

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