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Alpha-5, Forever In My Nightmares

Power Rangers Banner

Why Hasn’t This Game Been Made Yet?

There’s a type of video game that I think the Power Rangers was made for, and that’s Musou games. Now for the uninitiated let me explain.

Musou games are the kind of games where you slaughter your way through countless generic foot-soldier enemies, fight named elite enemies (who are tougher, officer types), and they usually involved a story of conquering/saving the world. If you’ve ever seen Dynasty Warriors, Fire Emblem Warriors, Hyrule Warriors, Samurai Warriors or another game with Warriors at the end then you know the type of game I’m talking about.

Most of these games are made by the same studio, Omega Force. They have really perfected the art of kicking the shit out of a whole army by yourself in video games. They are great games to zone out to while hitting the same three button over and over again. Which is a lot less boring than it sounds, especially when you can do stuff like this at the press of a button.

How can you not find that awesome? Anyway, on to the Power Rangers.

Might Morphin Power Rangers was a kids TV show that featured a group of teenagers with attitude that fought against the forces of Rita Repulsa every week. There was a unique monster to defeat every week, some of which were creepy as hell.

Power Rangers - Mr Ticklesneezer
Mr Ticklesneezer is always there, just out of the corner of my eye

Some were just bizarre.

Power Rangers - Purse Head
This guys name is Purse Head, and no, I’m not kidding

And some were metal as fuck.

Power Rangers - Lord Zedd
Lord Zedd will always be one of the best TV villains, don’t @ me

And of course there are the titular Power Rangers. A team of colour coordinated super heroes who have to put these monsters in their place (you can see the original gang up top).

There have been over 800 episodes of this show, it started in 1993 when I still had hopes and dreams, and it’s still going to this day. And if you think that’s impressive I need to enlighten you a bit more.

The show Power Rangers might have been an American TV show, but only part of it is American. All the parts with the actors speaking English is all new footage, while all the fight scenes are taken from the 16th instalment of the Japanese TV show Super Sentai. And that’s right I said 16th instalment, because while our Power Rangers has been running since 1993, Super Sentai has been running since 1977! And it’s still going with the 44th series starting this year (2020). I mean god damn that’s a lot of spandex and styrofoam monsters.

And here’s my point. There have been 21 Ranger teams, with over 140 individual Rangers. That is a whole lot of characters to pick for a Musou game. I mean the Musou game with the most playable characters is Warriors Orochi 4, with a whopping 170 playable characters. Now that figure includes all of the villain characters as well, so if you counted all the Power Rangers monsters obviously there would be a lot more to the Super Sentai characters.

But I don’t see this as an issue, there are only 32 playable characters in Fire Emblem Warriors which is nowhere near the amount in the main series games but that game is still great. Many of the characters would have the same fighting style so some characters were definitely going to be left out. And of course, fan favourites were always going to get top billing as well.

Power Rangers also have a wide variety of weapons/powers they use with which to kick all this ass so variable gameplay shouldn’t be a problem. You can also cut some of the Rangers who double up their weapons with someone else (they do this in other Musou games a lot anyway).

Power Rangers also have enough foot-soldier (generic) enemies for you to fight your way through to serve as the hordes (31 types listed on that page, plus 9 elite variants).

Power Rangers - Putty Patrollers
These things got creepier as I got older

So here is my proposal for a Power Rangers Musou game.

Plan To Destroy The Morphing Grid

So one day, lots of the Rangers (in their own groups or maybe a bit mixed) find themselves in a strange world they’ve never seen before. Each group is confronted by a villain and foot-soldiers they’ve never seen before and after defeating them they set out to find out what is going on.

As the game progresses they come across some of the bigger baddies from the shows, people like Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, Divatox and there are plenty of others to choose from. After many fights with their old enemies I would have the Rangers discover that the villains also don’t really know why they are here, this could also be a good chance to have some of the villains as playable characters.

Because I would have it revealed that it is all the work of this guy.

Power Rangers - Lord Drakkon
Power Rangers has (some) surprising depth

Lord Drakkon is an evil Power Ranger. If you’ve noticed that he looks like a mix between the original green and white Power Rangers, that’s because he pretty much is those things.

For a quick refresher, Tommy Oliver was introduced as the green Power Ranger under the spell of Rita Repulsa. In “our” timeline Tommy breaks free of this control and becomes one of the good guys.

Drakkon on the other hand is from a reality where Tommy never joined the good guys, he defeats the Rangers just as Zordon was creating the White Ranger and he steals that power for himself. Resulting in the merging of the two you see in that picture. He eventually goes on a multi-universe rampage, determined to destroy the Power Rangers once and for all. Drakkon even comes with his own foot-soldiers in the form of the Ranger Sentries to fill in some gaps there.

So back to the game. If you haven’t guessed, I would make Drakkon the main villain of this game. He has somehow found a way to bring groups of Rangers to this new/alternate reality where he can pit them against enemies from across time and eventually destroy them all, finally achieving his goal.

I think this would be a great conflict for the game Rangers against Rangers and even some of the villains having to swallow their pride and join the side of good (even if only temporarily) in an “enemy of my enemy” kind of scenario. There would be plenty characters to play as, plenty of weapons to use and there could even be use of the Power Rangers’ vehicles or Zords (giant robots) in some capacity that I’m not smart enough to figure out.

I am genuinely confused as to why a game like this hasn’t already happened. Musou games are incredibly popular in Japan and so are Super Sentai (the Power Rangers) and it has an appeal to the rest of the Ranger loving world.

Maybe it’s a licensing thing? Maybe it’s to much of a gamble?

Whatever the reason, this is a game I’ll always wish existed (until it does). There’s a lot of potential for some goofy action in a pair of goofy action properties.

I hope you enjoyed this mad ramble into my fondness for the Power Rangers. Is there a dream Power Rangers game you’d like? Or do you think you know another property that could work as a Musou game? Leave a message if you fancy a chat about it ❤ .

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all next time. Until then, remember to take care of yourselves. Peace!


Bonus Video

If you want to know how cool people think Lord Drakkon is, check out this trailer featuring the original actor for Tommy. That trailer is for a comic book… why couldn’t it have been something more (a game or a film/show)?!

Any Thoughts?

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