Back In The Drivers Seat

“I’m a very lazy person by nature. I have to be really engaged, and then I go straight from lazy to obsessive. I couldn’t study chemistry, but I could memorise all the books for Dungeons and Dragons. It was ridiculous. The trick is to find what I like to do.”

Jon Favreau

I Get To GM Again!

I can’t believe that it was over three years ago that I last wrote about being a GM. Sadly there is a good reason for that. You see that campaign died not that long after that post.

People in my friend group discovered Dungeons & Dragons and while I was happy to give it a go it soon took over and my beloved Star Wars campaign lay dead in the dust, with so so much left to do.

I did a little bit of GMing online, mostly one shots here and there, but I was never able to take full control of a campaign again. I won’t lie and say that it broke my heart when that campaign died, even more so when a player from it laughed when I brought it up. My anxiety had wracked me for over two years about bringing it up and when I finally did it just got thrown back in my face. I know it wasn’t meant offensively but still, that was a hell of a gut punch.

Anyway enough about all that. The good news is I’ve got a new campaign that has already started. We’re three sessions in and hopefully it’s not going away anytime soon. This is still in the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars system (and if you’ve been here before you know I love Star WarS), but while that system focuses mainly on the Imperial Era set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope my campaign is set in the greatest era of them all. The Old Republic.

The Old Republic is set over 3500 years before A New Hope, a time of wars between the Jedi and the Sith. And not just a few Sith, we’re talking whole armies of Force users fighting across the galaxy. It’s a great setting if you get excited by massive battles with glow sticks, which I absolutely do.

The other big love I have though (in this regard) is I WAY prefer GMing to actually playing these games. I love telling stories that make people react, whether it be happiness or sadness. There’s just something great about telling an adapting story that people can get really involved in, almost literally.

I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up to high I guess as things change and as anyone who’s ever played a tabletop role-playing game before, sometimes campaigns just die. But for now I’m just looking forward to telling some more stories set in a galaxy far far away.

So sorry for a smaller post this week but I had to relay my excitement. Plus I’ve written about 8000 words on this campaign so far and I got a lot more to work on. I may even upload some of the stories over time as I’m trying to write them down in a loose story shape. I’m hoping to get it printed out at some point, like I wanted to do with the last one.

I’ll keep you updated and who knows you might be able to even listen at some point. I’m trying a few things out for it to be something great!

Thanks for reading! Until next time, remember to take care of yourselves. Peace!


Bonus Video

The video I talked about last week! Cos I can cheat sometimes ❤ .

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