A Writing Side Quest

“Time flies when you’re multitasking.”

Bert McCoy 

I Have Been Writing, Honest

So recently I haven’t been doing any big posts because real life and general chaos in the world at the moment is getting in the way a bit. I’ve also had some really bad anxiety and depressive episodes, probably because of the aforementioned chaos but oh hum.

I’ve been getting through it by re-watching a lot of stand up comedy, listening to a lot of music (albeit through Spotify so no Late Night Trails sadly) and generally trying to keep myself occupied. But I have had a creative writing outlet that I’ll talk about today.

A while back I said I have recently had the privilege of running another tabletop role-playing campaign set in Star Wars using Fantasy Flight Games’ narrative dice system. It’s been a blast so far and my players are (seemingly) enjoying it. So I’ve taken it upon myself to write the adventures down, kind of in the form of a story for my players to be able to sit down and read at their leisure.

So to make up for the recent lack of writing I thought I’d share the “forward” I’ve written (because I’m a bit strange). So that’s right, to make up for the lack of writing, I will now copy and paste some writing… That still counts right?


Being a GM/DM is amazing and I can’t overstate how much I love it. My name’s Leigh, and I am the GM of the campaign that follows (once I’m done being boring up here).

As I am one of those people that prefers creating stories to taking part in them, shaping the world around the players is a very satisfying experience for me.

I love being able to create situations that make people really react – and not just in character. In a previous campaign, one of my villains made a player scream, another story made someone tear up a bit, and even in one of the stories below there is a moment that made everyone grimace. And of course there have been a lot of laughs along the way as well. It can’t all be screams and crying (if I wanted that I’d just move back to Wales).

The other thing I love, though, is Star Wars. That’s why, when I found out this system existed, I started an expensive collection that I still don’t regret. Star Wars is one of those special things that grabs you by the throat, shouts “LOVE ME!” and never really lets go.

But the problem with Star Wars, at least the way most people experience it, is that all the main stories take place over a seventy year period and we only really focus on one family. In a whole galaxy of planets, species, civilisations, mysteries, and uncharted space, it seems weird to only focus on one small section. And that’s where the (old) Expanded Universe, now called Legends, came in.

Between a myriad of books, video games, audio plays, etc., the galaxy now has 30,000 years of history before The Phantom Menace even takes place. That is a lot of history left unexplored through the mediums that most people will experience Star Wars through. But who knows, with the recent announcement of The High Republic, which is set 200 years before The Phantom Menace, maybe we are finally heading in the right direction: backwards.

Anyway, my favourite setting in the Legends canon is the Old Republic. The Old Republic first featured in a phenomenal video game, Knights of the Old Republic, set 3,000 years before the events of the movies. It was released for the original Xbox back in 2003, and ever since it has captured the imagination of fans all around the world.

The Old Republic is a time of a galaxy wide war between a Galactic Republic and a Sith Empire. And the thing that teenaged me (and current me, not gonna lie) loved most of all is that, instead of a bunch of Jedi and one or two Sith, there is an army of both.

Thousands of lightsabers clashing across war zones is something I find infinitely appealing. Like the battle of Minas Tirith with glow sticks, complete with ghosts and giant monsters.

All of this is why, when I got a chance to run another one of these campaigns, I pushed hard for it to be set during the Old Republic. And I won. Yay!

But that’s enough of my endless rambling – there’s plenty of that to come.

What follows is the first set of adventures that some of the best roleplayers who ever set foot in that galaxy far, far away have taken part in and shaped. Those roleplayers are:

Jen, who is playing Rye: the young Mandalorian-turned-Republic trooper with a lust for battle and a heart of gold. In a Republic that doesn’t really want him, it’s going to be interesting to see where Rye’s adventures will take him. With a Mandalorian Civil War going on alongside the Galactic Civil War, Rye is fighting on two fronts. That coupled with the fact that he is now to be teamed up with two Jedi – the Mandalorians’ ancient enemies – Rye’s loyalties and attitudes are sure to be tested.

Anja, who is playing Sonovi: a Miralukan with a thirst for knowledge, she has recently been accepted into the Jedi Order. Interested in the history and mysteries of the Force and the galaxy at large, Sonovi prefers a more peaceful approach wherever possible. But with the Miralukans’ natural hatred of the Dark Side and the Jedi at war with the Sith Empire, Sonovi can show an aptitude for violence that even she is shocked by. I’m looking forward to seeing how Sonovi explores a galaxy at war and helps to shape its future, as well as unearthing its past.

Noah, is playing Cian: a Lepi who accidentally stumbled his way into the Jedi Order. Coming from a travelling, spacefaring race, Cian is going to be right at home journeying around the galaxy with his new friends. Living on old starships has made Cian pretty handy with all things mechanical, and he’s even handier with a sword. Maybe his current circumstances are a testament that his motto of ‘I’m a very lucky boy!’ is more fact than nonsense. I wonder how someone who is pretty sure that he isn’t a Jedi will fit into their world.

So this is the team that I’ll be taking around the galaxy during one of the most turbulent periods of its history. Fingers crossed everyone involved has a great time! I know I will.

As a final (I promise) personal note, though, I just want to say thank you to the people listed above. It’s been great to have something creative to sink my teeth into and I can’t think of better people to share it with.

You guys are the best.

Leigh x

So What Happens Now?

As you can see, I’m a fan of a line break. It makes a bit more sense in the document itself(ish).

So there you have it. The document that that forward comes from is currently 18,000+ words long so I haven’t been dawdling on the writing front, not entirely anyway.

I might share some more of the chapters as time goes on. Writing these stories has been a lot easier than delving into my mental health so I apologise for that. But who knows, maybe people will find these little stories interesting as well 🙂 .

I do promise to try and do some more general websitey type stuff but with the world the way it is at the moment I hope you understand that that is a bit difficult.

Thanks for reading! Until next time, remember to take care of yourselves. Peace!


Bonus Video

I even made an opening crawl for the first episode of the campaign 😛 . I take GMing very seriously.

Any Thoughts?

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