Can’t Stop Cheating

“I’m no stranger to fucking up.”

Kathleen Glasgow, Girl in Pieces

Under A Lot Of Stress

So I’m sitting here on Saturday 18th of April writing my post for yesterday (apparently I can time travel when I post). I am so so so SO fucking annoyed at myself. I have been keeping up my “once a week” posting for over a year now and I finally fucked it up, like I always knew I would.

I was lying awake in bed last night and I could already feel myself giving in to the “fuck it then, don’t put the effort in” demons in my head. I’m really going to work on not letting that happen again.

I know the apocalypse is going on outside and it’s incredible stressful, but this writing is meant to be an outlet away from that. I really need to try and refocus, even if just as a way to give me something to do for an hour a week. You have no idea how many days I’ve just sat in this chair and done absolutely nothing recently.

Thanks for reading! Until next time, remember to take care of yourselves. Peace!


Bonus Video

Been watching a lot of Death Battle recently, this is the episode I’m currently on while typing this 🙂 .

Any Thoughts?

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