Taking A Mind Break

“Relax, Recharge and Reflect. Sometimes it’s OK to do nothing.”

  Izey Victoria Odiase

Look Outside

So yeh… The world is kind of fucked up at the moment isn’t it so I’m gonna use another of my “excuse” posts and say I need a break from thinking about stuff too much at the moment.

My Grancher’s (grandfather for you non Welsh people) dog died yesterday, there’s a fucking pandemic and the downtrodden of the world are standing up for their rights (thank god).

My anxiety can’t really continue to cope with this and concentrate on writing something silly this week so forgive me. I’ve had well over ten panic attacks in the last week or so, I’ve thrown up practically every night and I keep bursting into tears. So yeh, I’m gonna go have a lie down now.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I’ll have something nice and stupid to write about next time. Peace!


Bonus Video

An internet classic for you to enjoy.

Any Thoughts?

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