A Writing Side Quest Part 2

“The difference between the quest for the Holy Grail and someone saying ‘bring me a cup’ is the flavor text and the number of stops involved.”

Bryan Fields – Life With a Fire-Breathing Girlfriend 

Another Glimpse Into Our Adventures

A little while ago I shared the foreword for the story book thing I’m writing about the adventures of my three players in a Star Wars campaign that I am the GM (Game Master) for in Fantasy Flight Games’ narrative dice system.

In case you didn’t read that first entry in this then I should explain that this campaign is set in The Old Republic, which is my favourite era of Star Wars. Set 3000 years before the events of A New Hope, the Old Republic is a time of galactic scale war between the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic. It is a time of an army of Jedi versus an army of Sith, mysticism and war, so much war. I think it’s a more interesting setting than the same 70 year period we’ve had for 40 years following the Skywalkers that’s for sure.

What follows is the first adventure of Sonovi, played by my housemate. I decided to start the campaign with each of the players getting their own small adventure to start them off. Mainly due to conflicting schedules, but also to give them a chance to get a feel for the characters on their own. We take this kind of thing very seriously.

Fair warning, I am still a MASSIVE fan of a line break. Though I would like to say that I use two different styles that I don’t know how to put here :P.

Unearthing The Past

The Jedi homeworld of Tython, recently rediscovered by the Jedi thanks to the efforts of Grandmaster Satele Shan, had much to offer and teach the Jedi Order. With plenty of artefacts still to be unearthed, Tython was a treasure trove of forgotten knowledge and ancient secrets.

Arriving on Tython was Sonovi Bosul, a Miralukan from the ranks of the Luka Sene with a thirst for knowledge. She had excelled in all her studies, especially those concerning the Force.

Sonovi had visited many dig sites acting as a liaison of the Luka Sene and Jedi Order in order to help catalogue any new discoveries and, if at all possible, to help identify or interpret anything new with her superior knowledge.

It was at one of these dig sites that Sonovi first ran into her future Master.
Master Yuon Par had become intrigued by not only Sonovi’s intellect and understanding of the Force but also the deep connection to the Force that she clearly possessed.

So it came to be that Sonovi was invited by Master Par to be her Padawan and be trained on Tython – where there were plenty of ancient long-forgotten things left to discover.

The shuttle Sonovi was on touched down on the hastily constructed landing pads and she was greeted by Master Syo Bakarn, who registered Sonovi’s arrival and gave her a quick rundown of the way Tython was being run, as well as reminding her of the Jedi code:

“There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.”

But Master Bakarn’s lesson was interrupted by the arrival of an out-of-breath Yuon Par. Master Par informed the pair that a recent dig site she had been looking forward to visiting had been attacked by Flesh Raiders – violent natives to Tython – and she needed Sonovi to get to the site and save the findings there.

Master Bakarn questioned whether a Padawan should be tasked with such a vital mission so shortly after their arrival. But Master Par reassured Master Bakarn that she had complete faith in Sonovi – the Padawan’s record with the Luka Sene had shown great promise.

Sonovi rushed to the dig site only to discover that the fighting had moved on. At the dig site, there were four recently unearthed ancient hologram projectors. As Sonovi approached, three of the projectors activated seemingly on their own, displaying three long dead Jedi Masters who had helped found the Jedi Order as it is known today.

The first hologram introduced itself as Master Garon Jard, a male Human who believed that the Jedi must be dedicated to peace. According to Master Jard, they should learn to control their emotions and fight only as a form of self-defence, but must remember that they should defend the weak when necessary.

The second hologram introduced itself as Master Cala Brin, a female Zabrak who believed the Jedi must be dedicated to justice. Only through controlling their emotions could the Jedi seek true justice, as they would not be blinded by revenge or sorrow.

The third hologram introduced itself as Master Tiers Sendon, a male Nautolan who had been the keeper of histories and chronicler of the Jedi Order. For Master Sendon, Jedi should aim to dispel ignorance and use the knowledge they’ve gained from the people and cultures of the galaxy to work to the betterment of not just the order but the galaxy at large.

However, the fourth hologram had been damaged to the point of no longer being functional. Upon further inspection, it was clear that the hologram projector had been damaged intentionally, and in a rush.

Unfortunately this had left the remaining projectors with a limited power supply. Sonovi had the difficult choice of which hologram – and its databanks – to lose. Sonovi chose the hologram and databanks of Master Cala Brin to be lost.

Sonovi headed to the Jedi Temple to discuss things further with Master Par. Here, Master Par introduced Sonovi to the Trandoshan hunter Qyzen Fess, Master Par’s friend.

Master Par told Sonovi that Flesh Raiders weren’t known to steal things, that they only destroy mindlessly. She also revealed that she had a lead on what may have happened to the missing data-core: a Twi’lek from a refugee village had been talking about possessing a treasure that could be sold for enough to feed, clothe and house his people for a hundred years.

Sonovi was dispatched to the village to seek out this Twi’lek and their treasure. Master Par had previously done a lot to help relations with the refugee camp and there shouldn’t be any hostility, especially towards her Padawan.

Upon arriving at the village, Sonovi was stopped by the village’s security chief Beshemm Tammed.

At first, Beshemm didn’t want to reveal any information to the inquisitive Padawan. But after Sonovi revealed that her Master was Yuon Par in some tactful negotiation, she was able to learn the name of the suspected thief: Nalen Raloch.

Nalen had last been seen headed into Flesh Raider territory to find a cave that the data-core had apparently told him to find.

When she arrived in Flesh Raider territory, Sonovi reached out through the Force and was guided on her way to Nalen. Along the way she had to sneak around some Flesh Raiders that were huddling around fires to keep warm, apparently not smart enough to use the caves.

Once she got to the right cave Sonovi found Nalen, and discovered that he had been talking to a Datacron that the data-core had led him to. It seemed he had been learning the ways of the Force from it.

Nalen told Sonovi that his intention wasn’t just to feed and house his people, but to elevate them to something more than just dirt. He would train them to overthrow the Jedi who didn’t want them on this world.

Before Sonovi could act against him, Nalen used the Force to cause a cave in, knocking Sonovi unconscious.

Sonovi came to in the Jedi Temple, with Master Par and Qyzen in attendance. She was given only a moment to come around before Master Par informed her of the latest developments.

Between information supplied by the Twi’lek village matriarch and what they had been able to recover from the damaged data-core, they had discovered that Nalen was indeed Force sensitive, and had been learning from the long-dead Jedi Master Rajivari.

The council was in the middle of deliberating on their next move. However, Master Par, frustrated by their lack of action, decided to send Sonovi – along with Qyzen – to seek the mythical library of Rajivari.

While searching through unearthed ruins for a hint of a library, Sonovi found a switch in the shape of a lightsaber. The switch opened a hidden doorway in the wall, out of which appeared an ancient droid. The droid told Sonovi that ‘the first blade’ was beyond the Trials of Rajivari, and bid her to go through the door. Inside Sonovi discovered an ancient lightsaber hilt, some incomplete blueprints, and a map.

Determining the location of the trials from the map, Sonovi returned to the local encampment to contact Master Par and inform her of Sonovi’s latest discoveries. In order to scout it out for enemies, Qyzen made his way ahead to the location of the cave that marked the entrance to the trials.

After conversing with her master, Sonovi set off to catch up with Qyzen at the entrance to the Trials of Rajivari.

Upon arriving at the cave, Sonovi found Qyzen unconscious, having been badly beaten. Luckily, Trandoshans are resilient people, and a stimpack allowed him to recover quickly.

He told Sonovi he was ashamed that a scavenger had been able to sneak up on and ambush him. Sonovi reassured Qyzen that Nalen was using the Dark Side of the Force to amplify his abilities. Qyzen was sceptical of the excuse, but appreciated the sentiment nonetheless.

Now that they were both back at full health it was time to take on the Trials of Rajivari.
In the first trial, a cloaked figure asked Sonovi if she were willing to be ‘purified’ in order to find what she sought. Sonovi affirmed that she was. In answering yes, she completed the first trial – to welcome potential harm for knowledge’s sake meant that you were already pure.

In the second trial, Sonovi came across a wounded Twi’lek who claimed to be an associate of Nalen’s. Despite Sonovi’s concern, the Twi’lek told Sonovi not to help him but to kill him, as he was still her enemy, despite his injuries.

Disregarding this, Sonovi chose to try and help him. As she did, the wounded Twi’lek stabbed her in the side with a shadow blade. This was the second trial’s lesson: showing mercy to an enemy is foolishness.

The third trial was a small room, in the middle of which stood a pedestal. On the pedestal sat a Datacron. As soon as Sonovi touched the Datacron, the room began to fill with a toxic gas. Qyzen helpfully told her that he would be unaffected by it, while she might die.
Sonovi chose to persevere through the gas, using the Force and a meditative trance to slow the poison’s effect on her. When the gas subsided the Datacron vanished, and Sonovi was left with nothing to show for her effort. The lesson of the third trial was that death is a pointless price to pay for knowledge.

All of these trials were an apparent attempt at teaching the virtues of the Dark Side. Sonovi was not impressed and beat them in her own way, suffering some injury along the way but ultimately defeating the trials.

The trials had been a series of lessons teaching the virtues of the Dark Side. However, Sonovi was not impressed. She had approached them in her own way, despite suffering injury in the process, and had ultimately defeated them.

At the end of the trials, a Force ghost appeared before Sonovi: the ghost of Master Rajivari.

The ghost informed Sonovi that Nalen had beaten her to the final chamber, and had absconded with the missing piece of the blueprints for the first ever lightsaber. But, in Nalen’s haste to complete the trials, he had forgotten to obtain the hilt that Sonovi had found earlier and its corresponding blueprints.

Then, before disappearing, Rajivari’s ghost revealed a pathway leading to the outside.
Following the path, Sonovi found her way outside into a lush valley with a ceiling of overgrown vines and branches. Atop a small hill in the valley was a crumbling Jedi forge, and at its base stood Nalen Raloch, along with two accomplices.

Nalen agreed to a one-on-one duel with Sonovi as long as her ‘pet’ – Qyzen Fess – didn’t get involved in the fight.

Sonovi was able to best Nalen in the duel, and when he begged for death she chose to spare his life.

Shortly afterwards, Temple security arrived to secure Nalen. Sonovi was given a message from Master Par inviting her to complete her first lightsaber at the forge like many generations of Jedi before her.

After Sonovi completed construction of her lightsaber, Qyzen told her that she must be the ‘herald of the Scorekeeper’, and that she was going to accomplish great things. Sonovi was hesitant to believe Qyzen, but thanked him for the compliment nonetheless.

After returning to the Temple, Sonovi was congratulated by the Council and her Master. During the congratulations, however, Master Par collapsed, and was taken for immediate medical attention.

Qyzen explained that Yuon Par had been suffering with an illness for a while and had been trying to find a treatment. Grandmaster Satele Shan informed Sonovi that Yuon would be taken to the Coruscant for treatment, as the facilities on Tython weren’t yet completely up and running.

Before departing, Qyzen told Sonovi that he would meet her on Coruscant once he had dealt with business elsewhere.

But before Sonovi could follow her master to the Republic capital, her help was needed on Ord Mantell. A Sith Empire listening outpost had been discovered by Havoc Squad – and it needed investigating as soon as possible.

The First Of Hopefully Many

So there you have it, the first real adventure in the campaign. Hopefully the campaign will last a long time and I’m really enjoying doing these write up things so I’ll make sure to share them with you in the future.

Bonus Video

Still gives me shivers. Why can’t we get more stuff like this?

Any Thoughts?

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