A Writing Sidequest Part… Poster

“There is nothing better than seeing rebel scum running out of a cave full of gas right into the blasters of your battalion. Well, except sunrises, but for those you have to get up early.”

Imperial Officer, Star Wars: The Old Republic

A Galaxy Far, Far Away…. On Canvas

Every good Star Wars story needs an eye catching poster. The series has a great history of iconic posters designed to take you to that galaxy far, far away.

I’ve recently been sharing some extracts from a tabletop roleplaying campaign I’ve been running set in The Old Republic era of Star Wars. The campaign is still ongoing and there is definitely more stuff to share in the future. But to bring it back around to posters I’ve got something I wanted to share with you guys!

SW poster EI
I’m so in love!

This poster was done by one of my players, the ludicrously talented StoneRowboat (check out her site, her art is amazing). I’ve already got the thing printed as a canvas and it shall be hung on my wall shortly. And hopefully it will have more company as our adventures continue! Though obviously there’s no pressure there.

But yes, as you can see the poster is for the first “Episode” of our campaign, Converging Destinies, and features the three player characters. (From left to right) Cian the Lepi Jedi Knight, Sonovi the Jedi Consular and Rye the Mandalorian Republic Trooper. The poster also features two of the primary antagonists that appear in the story and even some assets from the video game have snuck in there as well :).

Thank you for doing this and it is going to take a loving place on my wall as well as in my heart ❤ .

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all next time. Until then, remember to take care of yourselves. Peace.


Bonus Video

Is it even wise to share these if I’m basing the campaign on this game? Still cool though.

Any Thoughts?

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