The Awesomeverse

“The way to know life is to love many things”

Vincent Van Gogh

Much To Muchness

There’s a lot of cool things out there, far to many for me to just keep making Top 5 & Top 10 lists as I have done so far. So here’s something new I’m gonna be doing on this site, I’m gonna write about “Awesome Things” in no particular format, whether they be from Video Games, TV, Films or just general internet things.

Not Everything fits neatly into lists (unfortunately) so this will be a way for me to talk about things that I found awesome or affected me in some way. We’ll see how this goes I guess 😛 .

This will also give me the chance to write smaller posts and maybe I can update more frequently.

The Awesome

This section will be updated as I write new stuff. Please feel free to suggest stuff or contact me on social media to discuss Awesomeness.

Awesome Covers

So I recently started talking about some of my favourite covers in music and rather than create a whole new page for them I thought they could slip in here for the time being.

Bonus Video

No wonder there is too much awesome, cos Everything is Awesome! I’ll get my coat.

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