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“You said you have a dream… That dream… Make it come true! Make your wonderful dream a reality, and it will become your truth! If anyone can, it’s you!”

N, Pokémon Black/White

 Every (Nerdy) Child’s Dream

Yes, you read correctly on the previous page, I am attempting to make my own Pokémon fan game (don’t worry, it’ll never get done). I first came up with the idea in university that it would be a great thing if we got a Pokémon game that was similar on top (catching, training and battling with Pokémon) but different underneath (something a bit more grown up than the typical 8 Gym, save the world format that the games have become).

So What Is It?

Well, so far the working title is Pokémon Ice (catchy right?) and this is the title screen.


I know right, that is some top quality workmanship right there if I ever did see it.

The premise of the game is that you are enrolled in the PokéHunters academy, a school for Pokémon Bounty Hunters essentially. You start the game with your faithful companion Snorunt (why Snorunt? Because I said so, that’s why) and it is your job to rise through the ranks of the PokéHunters and uncover some dark secrets along the way. I know, I even amaze myself sometimes with my brilliance.

The game follows the same basic formula just tweaked ever so slightly, you still choose a starter (even with Snorunt) from Grass, Fire & Water type Pokémon and you have two Rivals to compete with throughout the game who choose a starter that is advantageous to yours.

“But won’t two Rival Trainers with the same Pokémon be boring?” I hear you ask, well no. Because in my game, starters are prepared for and specifically chosen for you by the boss of the PokéHunters. So while you get a choice of Cacnea, Houndour & Corphish (all Dark types at final stage). Your female Rival gets a choice of Treecko, Squirtle & Cyndaquil (all Pure types, as she is meant to be the strongest of the three trainers). Your male Rival gets a choice of Lileep, Kabuto & Slugma (all Rock types at final stage).

You and your male Rival having only two-stage Pokémon while your female Rival having three-stage Pokémon is intentional because as I said, she is meant to be strongest and therefore has the most potential.

Oh, and the kicker that drives my partner insane? You can’t deposit/release/swap Snorunt or any of its evolutions at any stage!

How’s it going?

About as well as you can expect of a man who gets distracted by shiny things.

Behind The Scenes

Dev Blogs

Will it ever be finished?



When a working version is available it will be available to download here (along with any subsequent releases).

How Did You Do It?

To make your own Pokémon game you need three things:

  1. RPG Maker XP (or another version if you want to make it more difficult)
  2. Pokémon Essentials (for RPG Maker XP only at the moment)
  3. Lot’s of time and dedication (well I guess that’s me fucked then)

Current Features

  • The First 5 Generations of Pokémon (Bulbasaur – Genesect)!
  • Be Male or Female!
  • Choose Your Own Starter!
  • Two Rival Trainers!
  • A New Themed Region!
  • Hints at a Crappy Story!
  • A Custom Pokéball!
  • Snorunt!

Planned Features

  • Trainer Customization!
  • The 6th Generation of Pokémon (maybe)!
  • Multiple Regions!
  • 8 “Acadamies” (read: Gyms)!
  • A “Complete” Crappy Story!
  • Custom Trainer Sprites!
  • A Choice of Sprites (Not Just Male or Female)!
  • A Relationship System Within the Game (non romantic)!
  • A Final Challenge Against Elite PokéHunters (Read: Elite Four or More)!
  • More Snorunt!
  • Many More (Hopefully)!

Bonus Video

How could it not be this? This whole page is just an excuse to remind you this song exists.

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