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“You are the mission. I will not falter.”

The Operator, Warframe

 Space Ninjas With Guns, What More Can I Say?

Since this is already a finished project way before I created this website I guess this is kinda cheating but I am oddly proud of this particular project.

When I saw TotalBiscuit’s video on Warframe back in January 2013, I immediately jumped on Teamspeak with the guys and told them about it. We all played it at some point or another and liked it to varying degrees, but me and Tyrian3k were absolutely hooked and by the 30th of January (that same year) we had put together this…

Back then I was new to YouTube and eager to create videos and this one (as you can probably tell) was very rushed but at the some time lovingly done. I even got some retweets and messages from the Devs themselves!

It was great, the game was new and exciting and I felt on top of the world that I was somehow contributing to it.

It’s Not A Rehash, It’s An Update

Cut to November 2015 and I’m still playing Warframe avidly with Tyrian3k. If you’ve never played Warframe then you need to be aware of why the next video is titled the way it is, in the above video you will notice that there is no parkour whatsoever. They eventually added parkour in one of the big updates that Warframe drops several times a year, it was pretty good, you could run on walls and up and over stuff and it really added to the “ninja” theme the game was trying to portray. After a while that system became stale and they updated it again and called it Parkour 2.0, this has been a running thing when Digital Extremes update an existing system (Mods, Armour, Damage, Melee etc) so when it came time for my second fan video if Warframe how could it be called anything other than…

The above video contains footage from all (at least back then) available Warframes in the game and featured all (at least then) mission types that you could play in the game. This video is already out of date and who knows, at some point in the future maybe there’ll be a Shoot To Thrill 3.0 but until then this is all there is.

Turn The Wheel To Feed You So You Can Keep Turning The Wheel

Now it’s plain to see that Warframe has changed drastically over the years and if you look at the Forums for the game you will find no shortage of posts about how the game has become a massive grind and some of the items in the game are a huge pain in the ass to obtain.

However my relationship with Warframe has changed in a different way, I am now the only one of my friends who plays Warframe and I play it very sporadically. I typically wait for a major update to drop, play the hell out of it for around 3 weeks (getting all new items/weapons/pets/frames/whatever) and then start again waiting for the next update.

I seriously love Warframe and it will always be special to me, it bonded me even closer with Tyrian3k and I’ve had some great times playing the game. Unfortunately the honeymoon is over and all the crazy newlywed sex is done with and we are happily existing together. I will probably always play Warframe and wish all the people involved at Digital Extremes all the best with any endeavour they chose to take in life.

Some Beta players like myself feel hurt that the game has changed so much, but Digital Extremes has given me over 1700 hours of a great game (that is 100% free btw) that I don’t regret a moment of. Watch this space, cos I’m sure that I’ll talk about Warframe again in the future.

Bonus Video

The first episode of Warfriends, a sadly short lived tribute to Warframe.

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